Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5416

  At this point, Greg Abbott said with a pained expression, “But now I have sworn to follow your lead.

  Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “Old slick, I asked you to tell me which is bigger, what are you doing here with me for half a day?”

  ”This ……,” Greg Abbott said stiffly, “Master Wade, my subordinate believes that you and the division, should be generally bigger! Therefore, I am willing to serve you as a dog and horse, just don’t let my subordinate break the oath he made to his master at the beginning ……”

  ”In that case.” Charlie wade nodded, “It seems that you are indeed loyal to your master, and it does seem a bit forced for me to ask you to choose between me and your master at this time.”

  Greg Abbott nodded his head repeatedly, “My subordinate thanks Master Wade for his understanding ……”

  Charlie wade laughed: “According to you, both I and your master are the ones you have sworn allegiance to, but you swore allegiance to your master first, so by definition, your master is your original mate.”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly waved his hand, “Master Wade, that is not what my subordinate meant ……”

  Charlie wade parked his car at the roadside at the foot of the mountain, looked at Greg Abbott and said seriously, “You don’t need to be nervous either, I, as a person, have always been the most reasonable, in that case, I think you should go back to America, go back and carry forward your division properly, don’t let those master teachers of yours get cold feet.”

  Greg Abbott already had his own little thoughts, although he was grateful to Charlie wade and willing to saddle up for him, he would never be willing to take out this divisional heart method.

  Therefore, when he heard Charlie wade’s serious expression, he thought to himself, “If that’s the case, I might as well take advantage of the situation and go back to the United States and continue to be the head of Tai Chen Tao. What’s more, I am now at the full completion of the Bright Realm, and my future breakthrough into the Dark Realm is just around the corner!”

  Although Greg Abbott knew that Charlie wade had a magic pill in his hand that could help him improve quickly, he felt in his heart that the pills were after all extremely precious, and if Charlie wade could give himself one, I was afraid that he would not give himself a second one.

  What chance to stay was put aside first, just the matter of taking out the sect’s heart method was something he could not accept,.

  Thinking of this, he hurriedly complied with Charlie wade’s words and bowed his hand respectfully, “My subordinate thanks Master Wade for his generosity! Your kindness, my subordinate will not dare to forget it in this life and in this world!”

  Charlie wade shook his head with a smile and said, “You, no need to be so polite with me, after all, you are considered close friends with my grandmother, so naturally I cannot force you to do anything.”

  As he said that, he gently patted him on the shoulder, and a few bits of spiritual energy quietly crossed in, looking at Greg Tian Shi, he said bitterly, “Greg Tian Shi, when you go back, you must cultivate your martial dao more diligently, after all, you are already so old and only a mere five-star martial artist, to be honest, it’s really a bit unworthy of you!”

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