Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5414

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “Look in the mirror yourself, your mouth is almost grinning to the roots behind your ears.”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly flipped down the dressing mirror on the passenger side and saw that he was indeed wearing a kind of lewd and full-blown smile, he hurriedly curbed his smile and said awkwardly, “Sorry Master Wade, it is my subordinate who has lost his temper ……”

  After saying that, in order to relieve the embarrassment, he hurriedly asked again, “Master Wade, where are you taking my subordinate to?”

  Charlie wade said, “I’ll take you to the place where you’ll be working next.”

  ”The place of work?” Greg Abbott was startled and subconsciously asked, “I wonder what kind of work Master Wade has arranged for my subordinate?”

  Charlie wade casually said, “During this next period of time, you will be a teacher master in Aurous Hill, I have gotten a site and will get you a group of students in a couple of days, you will be responsible for helping me teach them martial arts.”

  ”Ah? Teach martial arts?” Greg Abbott blurted out, “Master Wade! The martial arts technique that my subordinate has refined is a secret that is not passed down from the Tai Chen Dao, and the old ancestor of the Tai Chen Dao has long established a rule that this technique must not be passed down to the outside world, or else the heavens will strike you down!”

  Charlie wade nodded: “Good, just pass one on to me and see if it will strike the heavens with lightning.”

  ”This ……” Greg Abbott said awkwardly, “Master Wade, I am not making excuses in front of you, it’s just that as a martial artist, you naturally know that what martial artists value most is the martial arts heart method, and the vast majority of martial arts families and sects Most martial arts clans and sects are unable to produce a complete martial arts method, unlike my Tai Zhen Dao, which has never been lost. If I were to pass it on, and others were to pass it on to more people, then my Tai Chen Dao’s advantage would be gone!”

  Charlie wade grunted and asked him, “Who told you that your Tai Chen Dao’s martial arts heart method must be complete?”

  Greg Abbott said seriously, “Master Wade, the martial arts teachings of the Tai Zhen Dao are written down in bamboo slips, the bamboo slips are a product of the pre-Qin era, the entire slips have not been destroyed for more than two thousand years, the original version is still preserved in my Tai Zhen Dao cave, so naturally they are complete teachings!”

  Charlie wade said disdainfully, “As far as I know, a truly complete martial arts heart method can allow a person to cultivate to at least Dark Realm Great Perfection, and a higher level martial arts heart method can even allow a person to break through to the Transformation Realm, or even the Patriarchal Realm, your division is guarding a complete heart method, and has not produced a Dark Realm expert for so many years, how dare you tell me that your heart method is complete? “

  Charlie wade wasn’t just making up nonsense to Greg Abbott.

  In the records of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, martial dao, in fact, was the introduction to the cultivation of spiritual qi for many people, and many people, because they did not have the talent to control spiritual qi, had to first enter the dao with martial arts, cultivating true qi with martial arts mind techniques, while opening up the dantian and meridians, and after their strength broke through the Zong Shi realm, they would have the ability to transform their true qi into spiritual qi.

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