Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5409

He is very clear about Jordan Bojun’s ways, he talks about ladies first in front of himself every day, but in fact, he is not willing to take any losses in his heart.

  Grace Lowes also did not want to pay any attention to him, and did not want to owe him any favors. Since he wanted to investigate the line of primus inter pares, she let him do so, and she did not want to take any first credit, so she might as well take this opportunity to travel around and gain some insight.

  So she said to Jordan Bojun, “Since Uncle Jordan has chosen the primus inter pares, let’s say goodbye here and good luck.”

  With that, she was ready to get out of the car.

  Jordan Bojun hurriedly said, “Uncle Calivet, there is no village in front of us, why are you getting off here? Why don’t we go to Bogan together, then I will go to Bogan airport to look for clues, you can go to the port to look for clues, Lord Ying speculates that Lin Wan Er probably left by boat, you can check along the port, you might get something.”

  Grace Lowes ignored him, instead she just opened the door and walked down, then stroked her long, charming hair and casually laughed, “What’s the difference between going to the port to find out the whereabouts of a ship and going to the port to find out where a fish has swum to? I’d rather not bother with that.”

  Jordan Bojun turned sideways and asked, “Uncle Calivet, so what are your good ideas now?”

  Grace Lowes smiled, “I don’t have any good ideas, I just think that since Lin Wan Er disappeared here, maybe I can find some clues nearby, so I will turn around and find a small hotel nearby for a few days, since Uncle Jordan is going to Bogan, then let’s hurry up and set off, no need to waste time here.”

  Jordan Bojun had no choice but to say, “Alright, I’ll look for clues at the Bergen airport first, the plane took the Primus directly to Bergen airport in the first place, I’m going to trace the origin of the Primus from Bergen airport and see what the Primus went through all the way here, if Uncle Calivet doesn’t leave Bergen anytime soon, we can still have a few days of company together. “

  Grace Lowes said seriously, “I wouldn’t advise you to waste too much time in Bergen, why don’t you go to Cyprus and ask the families of the Primus first?”

  ”There’s no rush.” Jordan Bojun knew that Grace Lowes probably did not want to have too much contact with himself, but he wanted to take this opportunity to stick to Grace Lowes for a few more days, so he said, “I think the primus guards who came to Bergen last time should not have any problems per se, the probability is that they were discovered by the enemy in advance and that’s why they were all wiped out, just like in New York, so more clues should still be here, going to Cyprus shouldn’t make much sense.”

  Grace Lowes shrugged and thought to herself, “Why do you have to stick to me like a dog’s skin when you can have so much free time? Wouldn’t it be better if we just left each other and went our separate ways? I was planning to go to Eastern Europe after we parted ways, what do you have to do here?”

  Although Grace Lowes was disgusted with Jordan Bojun, she could only stay in Northern Europe for the time being as she saw that Jordan Bojun did not intend to leave Northern Europe in the next few days. She knew Jordan Bojun’s character very well, if he knew that she left Northern Europe directly, he might come to the British Lord in the future and accuse her of perfunctory actions.

  It would be a great sin in the eyes of the Lord if she did not take action, as opposed to just whining about it.

  So she decided to stay in Northern Europe for a few more days, and wait for Obojun to leave Northern Europe before she herself left the place, so as not to fall foul of him.

  With that, she said to Jordan Bojun, “Suit yourself Uncle Jordan, I’ll walk around first and take a look, maybe Lin Wan Er left the ring somewhere here when she left.”

  Jordan Bojun grunted and shook his head, “Then if that’s the case, Uncle Calivet will have picked up a big leak!”

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