Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5408

  However, since the Dukes and Husbands were important vassals who held high positions in ancient times and ruled over one side of the country, and the Qing Breaking Society has never been divided into titles, these two ranks have only been created but not established within the Qing Breaking Society so far.

  Because of this, apart from Lord Ying, there are now four Earls under the Society.

  However, Lord Ying had promised that once someone could help him find Lin Wan’er and the ring and get what he wanted, he would immediately make him a marquis.

  Once he became a marquis, he would have the opportunity to choose a place in the world as his own fiefdom, and cultivate his own power on the fiefdom.

  At this moment, Grace Lowes smiled to herself and spoke, “If I could really find Lin Wan’er and find that ring that Lord Ying wanted, I would never have been made a marquis.”

  Jordan Bojun laughed, “What? You’re afraid that you’ll be shaken by high merit, aren’t you?”

  Grace Lowes waved her hand, “I’m just light-hearted, no title is as important as strength. If I really win the first merit, I’ll be satisfied if Lord Ying can reward me with a few pills.”

  Jordan Bojun nodded and said with a smile, “Come on Calivet Bo, two directions, you choose one first.”

  Grace Lowes thought for a moment and said, “I’ll check the primus guard line, Lin Wan Er is too cunning, I might not be as smart as her.”

  Jordan Bojun was a little disappointed in his heart, but still nodded and said, “Fine, then I’ll go with Lin Wan’er’s line.”

  In fact, Jordan Bojun preferred the primus line, after all, this line was still relatively promising, if the missing primus could not be traced in Northern Europe, he could still try his luck in Cyprus.

  However, Lin Wan’er’s line was not really promising.

  Lin Wan’er had evaporated from here, and she could have gone anywhere in the world, so it would be difficult to find her.

  The reason why he let Grace Lowes choose first was because he had always had some thoughts about Lin Waner  and wanted to have fun with her as a dual cultivation partner. Although he didn’t have any dual cultivation techniques, it was still a good deal to find a woman as strong as Grace Lowes.

  Because of this, although he did not want to choose the line of Lin Wan’er, but seeing that Grace Lowes had chosen another one first, he had no other choice but to accept it.

  At that moment, Grace Lowes suddenly sighed and said, “Forget it, let’s leave the primus guard line to Jordan Bo, I’ll go check on Lin Wan Er.”

  Jordan Bojun was surprised and asked, “Why has Uncle Calivet changed his mind? Lin Wan’er is the worst line of investigation!”

  Grace Lowes laughed lightly and said casually, “It’s not easy to investigate, and there are no clues to go on, but because of this, I can also go to any place I want, just to take my chances.

  Jordan Bojun was delighted and immediately gave a thumbs up, praising, “High! Uncle Calivet, you are really high! If that’s the case, I’ll be the one to check out the primus guard line!”

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