Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5404

Charlie wade was not afraid of the Four Counts of the Qing Breaking Society, what he feared was that Cyprus and Syria, two places that he could not reach or take care of, would suddenly be struck by these people one day.

  Especially Cyprus.

  The fate of those dead soldiers, those primus guards, their families and children was already extremely miserable, and if the Four Counts found out about the abnormality, they would definitely suffer a disaster.

  Therefore, Charlie wade needed Wan Bu Jun to prepare for everything in advance, especially Cyprus, if the other side resumed the line of Lin Wan Er, Cyprus must be a destination that the other side would never spare.

  According to Charlie wade’s idea, Wan Bajun must first take the time to equip Cyprus with close defense guns, and once the other side comes to his door, he will immediately use saturation attack to blow him into ashes, and then immediately start the “overwhelming nest plan” that he had set before.

  The plan was to evacuate the entire copper mine in an orderly manner and then blow up the mine completely.

  As the copper mine is located right next to the coastline, the best option for evacuating the personnel is to evacuate to the vast ocean.

  In this world, it is difficult to cover one’s tracks, whether by land or by air, and the sea is the best option to wash away all traces.

  Even a 100,000-ton cargo ship is a drop in the ocean, and the tides, which run day and night, leave nothing for the enemy to explore.

  You know that 29% of the world is land, while the remaining 71% is all ocean, and, while every piece of land has its own home, two-thirds of the ocean is a public sea not owned by any country.

  So, once a ship is out at sea, no one can find it if he doesn’t want it to be found.

  On top of that, ocean transport accounts for more than two-thirds of the world’s international freight, and there are more than forty million containers drifting on sea routes all over the world. Charlie wade only needs to take out forty of these containers to load up everyone in the copper mine, and combined with the resources of the Isu shipping, he can transport these forty containers to any port in this world, pull them out of the Mediterranean Sea, turn them around on the Eurasian route Even if the Qing Breaking Society brought out all the Great Lohas, they would not be able to find out what was going on.

  Therefore, as long as the plan can be executed perfectly, even if the US government comes looking for it, not to mention the Qing Breakers, it will be difficult to find any substantial clues.

  When the time comes, the British master of the Qing Breaking Association will definitely encounter the biggest test in his life. A count will vanish into thin air, and so will the entire dead soldiers base, and no matter how much he investigates, he will not be able to find out anything, which will definitely make him extremely doubtful about his life, and I am afraid he will not be able to sleep for the next few months.

  Therefore, when he thought of this, Charlie wade was suddenly full of expectations for the Overwhelming Nest Project.

  Whether it was in New York or in Northern Europe, it was only a small blow to the Qing Breakers, but once the Nest Overlap Project was implemented, for the Qing Breakers, it would be like being shot in the dark forest in secret, which would not only bring them serious harm, but also scare them half to death!

  At this moment, Wan Bajun also understood Charlie wade’s plan, so he immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinates will immediately find a way to procure the close defense cannon, then take it apart and transport it to the copper mine, and then assemble it.”

  Charlie wade immediately identified the key point from his words and said offhandedly, “Broken Jun, the only clue that could possibly be found out about the whole plan is the close defence cannon! Even if we could destroy the entire copper mine, there is no way we could let the clues related to a few close defense cannons evaporate. Once the close defense cannons are fired, we must retreat quickly, and I am afraid there is not enough time to pull down the close defense cannons, moreover, even if there is time to pull down the close defense cannons, it is useless, hundreds of shells are fired in a second, and it is impossible to clean up those shell fragments, so if the Broken Qing Society comes behind to investigate, they will definitely So if the Qing Breaking Society comes to investigate later, they will definitely find out that their Count died from the close defense cannon, and then they will go to the global arms market to look for clues related to the close defense cannon trade, and perhaps they will be able to find the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple!”

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