Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5403

  Charlie wade said seriously, “No! I’m a man with a phobia of insufficient firepower! That’s why we must leave plenty of affluence in terms of firepower! Even if a single shell from the close defense guns can shatter a man, you must still give me hundreds or thousands of shells in one breath! Remember one thing, but any of our targets that still have a piece of debris weighing more than 50 grams after being greeted by this system will be a dereliction of duty on your part, Wan Bajun!”

  Charlie wade had witnessed how martial arts masters were slaughtered by modern weapons in New York, not to mention that these masters were very strong, but when the bullets really came in as dense as rain, they could not resist for a few seconds.

  Therefore, if the defensive weapons were replaced with close-in defence guns, even those who were even stronger than oneself would definitely die by then!

  Moreover, Charlie wade himself knew very well that if he was needed to assassinate a certain martial arts expert, he could also conceal his scent and not be detected by any martial arts expert, but that was only limited to concealing it from the senses of the martial arts expert, and if he were to directly dispense with martial virtues and use high-tech equipment for vigilance, he himself would not be able to conceal it from technology.

  Just like the thermal imaging system, as long as something emits heat, whether it is a person or an object, it cannot escape its detection. If one hides inside a thick enough cover there is still a chance of not being detected, but once one wants to actively infiltrate, it is simply impossible to wrap the cover around one’s body, and then even an expert who has mastered aura will definitely be discovered.

  Therefore, Charlie wade intended to have Wan Bajun prepare one set of such a big killing weapon in Syria and one in Cyprus, so that in case a certain unscrupulous count really looked for it, he could blow it to dust!

  Wan Bajun didn’t know who Charlie wade was going to deal with, but when he heard Charlie wade say so, he knew that there must be a secret enemy, so he hurriedly asked him, “Mr. Wade, is something wrong?”

  Charlie wade didn’t hide anything from him and spoke, “I heard a news through a special channel, the top four experts of the Broken Qing Society, have all come out of the mountain now, they might, each one of them is no worse than me, although we don’t know if they will come after us yet, but there is always nothing wrong to prepare in advance.”

  Wan Bajun thought about it and replied, “Mr. Wade, getting close defence guns is not a big problem, although my subordinates cannot buy the most advanced close defence guns in the world today, but the former Soviet Union used to have a lot of ak-630 and 30mm close defence guns flowing into the international arms market, although the price is extremely high, but with the current capital reserve of Wan Long Temple, it is easy to buy a few sets back and put Once we use this kind of equipment in Cyprus, I am afraid that the Cypriot officials will immediately intervene, and I am afraid that there will be some trouble then.”

  Charlie wade spoke: “You don’t have to think about this, because this defense system, is our last line of defense, once a top expert really kills us, if we don’t counterattack, all the people in the copper mine, there is only one way to die, no one can escape! Therefore, once the other side is looking for us, we must first shoot the other side’s experts, then blow up the copper mine in Cyprus and evacuate everyone to Syria overnight, in this way, not only will we lose one of our top generals, but we will also cut off all clues and make them unable to do anything!”

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