Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5402

  If they only investigated backwards, Charlie wade was not afraid in the slightest, because he had already covered up all the clues related to himself with Helena’s help, and it was impossible for them to find him.

  But once they started to investigate forward, then their first target would definitely be Cyprus’s Deadman Base!

  And if they only sent an envoy like Ganbi Tyle, Charlie wade wouldn’t worry that they would notice anything unusual.

  However, once one of the Four Earls went to Cyprus, then he might find out at once that everyone in the entire Cyprus base had been de-toxified, and then immediately discover the problem!

  Therefore, the most urgent task at hand was to find a way to save the lives of those primus inter pares and dead soldiers in Cyprus.

  Once they were exposed, then they would definitely die, and even the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would not be able to protect them!

  As soon as he thought this, Charlie wade immediately began to think of a countermeasure.

  He felt that although mastering aura would qualitatively increase his strength, it was not so invulnerable and indestructible, so these four earls were not really invincible.

  Moreover, Charlie wade firmly believed that on the level of killing power, even the most powerful experts were no match for modern heat weapons.

  A martial arts expert could stop an ordinary bullet, but definitely not an artillery shell, while a conventional missile or rocket could kill everything within a range of hundreds or even thousands of metres, regardless of whether you were a Dark Realm expert or a strong person proficient in aura, you would be guaranteed to be turned into ashes when one shot came.

  So, as long as the method is right, ordinary people may not be unable to fight with one.

  So, he took out his mobile phone and called Wan Bajun, who was far away in Syria.

  When the call was answered, Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what are your instructions?”

  Charlie wade asked him, “Broken Army, can you get the best life detection system, including but not limited to military-grade life detection radar, infrared and thermal imaging equipment?”

  Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Wade, infrared detection equipment as well as thermal imaging equipment are standard for all the special soldiers of the Wan Long Temple, as for the life detection system, this is relatively general, I don’t quite understand your general needs.”

  Charlie wade explained, “I don’t know much about the military either, but I want you to help me implement a function.”

  Wan Bajun immediately said, “You speak, Mr. Wade, and my subordinate will first take notes.”

  Charlie wade spoke, “First of all, I need to have a device that can cover the entire base of your Wan Long Dian, or that copper mine we took down in Cyprus, this device can detect, 24/7, living beings within the entire coverage area, which means I don’t care what kind of principle he uses, whether it’s infrared or thermal imaging, or other life detection logic or not, what I need is that once a stranger enters his policy area, he will be able to respond immediately and mark the location of the other party in real time!”

  Wan Xiaojun said, “Back to Mr. Wade, I’m not too sure if there is such a complete solution at the moment, but I can find a way to inquire about it.”

  Charlie wade gave a hmph and added: “My second request is that you must find a way to get me a few close defense guns and combine these close defense guns with the system I just mentioned, that is to say, once you find a stranger infiltrating, lock him down with the close defense guns and once he has a problem, chase him to death! Be like a close-in defence missile, firing hundreds of rounds a second and achieving all-round fire coverage!”

  Wan Breaking Jun exclaimed, “Mr. Wade …… subordinate dares to remind you …… close defense gun it is not a machine gun ah …… it is a machine gun, and it is You can interpret it as an oversized Gatling machine gun that is tens or hundreds of times more powerful, that is a weapon that is used on warships to shoot missiles or on land to shoot fighter jets, if you take this thing to shoot people and blow them to pieces with one shot, would it be too big of a use?”

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