Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5399

  ”Yes.” Callu Bert nodded, “They have always been there and have always been able to complete the tasks given to them by the Broken Clear Society with excellence, so they have always been trusted.”

  Saying that, Callu Bert added, “And my father didn’t think about breaking away from the Broken Clear Society, he just saw my message and wanted to get in touch with me, other than that, he didn’t do anything to wrong the Broken Clear Society, so it has always been safe.”

  Charlie wade asked him, “Your father did not want to break away from the Broken Clear Society, was he a diehard loyalist of the Broken Clear Society, or was he forced to do so by the poison of the Broken Clear Society?”

  Callu Bert said, “The main thing is the poison and my younger siblings. The poison, at the moment, has no solution, as long as they leave the Society and do not receive the antidote, they will definitely die within half a month. There was no way to break away either.”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked, “Then have you and your parents met in the past ten years?”

  ”No.” Callu Bert said, “I once offered to go to Saoudi to meet them on a business trip, I could even pretend to be a patron of their restaurant, go and have a silent meal and leave, but my father did not agree. would be executed and made an example of just the same, so for the past ten years, we could only communicate through my blog.”

  Charlie wade wanted to tell Callu Bert that he had the antidote to the Qing-breaking Society’s toxin, but on second thought, even if his parents could be detoxified, his younger siblings were still under the control of the Society, so it would still be a fool’s errand to turn his parents against him.

  As long as his parents had no intention of leaving the Society for the time being, it would be redundant to give them the antidote and would probably expose himself.

  He then said to Callu Bert, “Uncle Callu, if your parents decide to leave the Qing Breaking Society one day, you can contact me.”

  Callu Bert nodded, but smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t think it’s likely anymore, not only will they die if they leave the Qing Breaking Society, but my younger siblings will also die.”

  ”Yes.” Charlie wade said approvingly, “This is how the Broken Qing Society controls its internal members, the vast majority of them should not be able to escape, but there may be exceptions to everything, if they want to break away, I may not be able to help your younger siblings, but I can help them.”

  Callu Bert was slightly startled, he wanted to ask why Charlie wade was sure he could help his parents, but on second thought, it was not appropriate for him to ask about such things, so he gave Charlie wade a fist hug and said, “I’ll make a note of it, thanks!”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Your parents, have they told you anything else about the Broken Qing Society?”

  Callu Bert thought about it and suddenly spoke, “Right, he told me the other day about an opportunity that would allow their family of four to break away from the Broken Qing Society and regain their freedom.”

  Charlie wade frowned and asked, “What kind of opportunity?”

  Callu Bert said, “It seems to be a clue to find a girl, be it a dead soldier, a primus guard, or a dark realm expert out of the Huben battalion, as long as they find that girl, they will be able to restore the family’s freedom.”

  Hearing this, Charlie wade instantly thought of Lin Wan’er, whom he had saved by chance in Northern Europe.

  He immediately asked, “What girl? Is there a clue about it?”

  Callu Bert said, “My father did not make it very clear, he only said that the girl was the person named by the Ying Master of the Qing Breaking Society, and that capturing her would lead to the first merit of the Qing Breaking Society ……”

  Speaking of this, Callu Bert added: “Oh yes, my father also said that the girl had a ring, and whoever could find that ring could likewise receive the first merit.”

  Charlie wade deliberately asked him, “The huge Broken Qing Society can’t even catch a girl?”

  Callu Bert said truthfully, “My father said that someone nearly caught her in Northern Europe some time ago, only for her to escape ……”

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