Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5397

  ”It was successful.” Callu Bert nodded and said, “Almost ten years ago, I think, I established contact with my parents.”

  Charlie wade said with a shocked expression, “The internal structure of the Broken Qing Society is extremely strict and the management is extremely strict, how did you get in touch with your parents?”

  Callu Bert smiled faintly and explained, “I have to boast a bit here, when I was young I had a high IQ and was considered extremely smart among my peers, I used to play a game with my dad, we both used to make up codes with different laws and then hide the codes in a certain passage of text and then hand them to each other to decipher;”

  ”At first, my dad would always give in to me and make the pattern very simple, for example, at first using the pattern of hidden poems, using the first word of each sentence as the hidden content, this pattern, the password is 1;”

  ”If you take the second word of each sentence as the hidden content, then for this pattern the password is 2;”

  ”But this difficulty is basically the same as nothing for me, so he gradually upgraded his password from 1212, to 1234 or 4321;”

  ”If it’s 1234, it means, take the first word of the first sentence, the second word of the second sentence, the third word of the third sentence and the fourth word of the fourth sentence, because the password is only four digits, so starting with the fifth sentence, you have to use it as the first sentence of the next cycle, and repeat 1234 again until you have found all the hidden words that piecing together the words you want to tell each other;”

  ”But then I realised that this pattern was also easy for my dad to guess, so then I upgraded it to my birthday, May 13th, so the password became 513, but even then my dad could still guess it with some time;”

  ”So I realised then that if you use your own birthday, or your loved ones’ birthdays as passwords, it’s actually very easy for someone to crack;”

  ”So, then I came up with a new encryption, which was to use my birthday, plus 1234 as the password;”

  ”I was born on the 13th of May, so the base password is 0513, add 1234 to each of these four numbers and it becomes 1747, so 1747 is the password to crack my text, later on my father was always unable to decipher my password, so I told him the way I upgraded my password.”

  Speaking of this, Callu Bert added: “Ten years ago at that time, blogging was popular and I was a celebrity, so my blog had a very high number of views, so I often published some essays in my blog, but in every one of my posts, I would use the password of 1747 and put ‘I miss you all very much, please contact me! ‘ These ten words are hidden and added in, and I believe that no one else in this world will be able to read them except my father.”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: “You and your father have a secret way of communicating, and you are a household name, if your father was still alive and had the opportunity to browse the internet, he would definitely follow your movements, so he would also definitely see your blog, so naturally he would be able to see the content you left behind, this is indeed a brilliant solution! “

  Callu Bert smiled modestly and said, “It doesn’t matter whether it’s brilliant or not, it’s most important that it works.”

  Saying that, Callu Bert added: “Ten years ago on the 13th of May, which was my birthday, I received a private message from a stranger, the content of the private message was very ordinary, it only said that he liked my hosting and also liked the words of my blog, he thought I was a very talented person and hoped I could continue to work hard;”

  ”I get dozens and hundreds of these private messages almost every day, but what makes this one different is that if you put in the code for 1747, it just comes out with six words: we miss you too.”

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