Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5395

  ”Archaeology?” Before Charlie wade could be surprised by his mother’s interest in I Ching and Bagua, he subconsciously said, “I’ve never heard of them engaging in archaeological work ……”

  Callu Bert laughed, “Naturally they won’t let you know, because their archaeology, to put it bluntly, is not officially approved, to put it nicely it is archaeology, to put it bluntly, it is tomb robbing.”

  Saying that, Callu Bert asked him, “Can you imagine? Two top rich second generation, usually super elite who go in and out of Wall Street or Eastcliff’s cbd, but at night, they change into night clothes and become the gold-digging lieutenants described in novels …… “

  ”This ……” Charlie wade already felt very confused, and he couldn’t help but mutter, “I have the impression that my parents were always focused on business matters before they left Eastcliff, and I never heard that they were interested in archaeology or tomb raiding. I can’t find any relevant memories at all from my early childhood memories.”

  Callu Bert said, “Your parents were both extremely intelligent people, and they never let anyone know what they were really up to, except for me, of course.”

  Saying that, Callu Bert added, “Back to the topic of your parents returning to China, in fact, your parents’ decision to leave the United States and return to China was not what the outside world thought, that your father wanted to return to China to revitalise the Wade family and your mother wanted to marry a chicken;”

  ”In fact, they did not intend to return to China at first, or did not intend to return to China in such a hurry, but suddenly one day, your father found me and told me that he had made a very significant discovery in the United States and had to rush back to China as soon as possible to corroborate the authenticity of this discovery, I asked him what the significant discovery was, he did not tell me clearly, he just said that if it went well, he would be able to crack the questions and doubts he had been having.”

  When Charlie wade heard this, he felt that his three views had been turned upside down.

  Just at the time of the wedding speech at noon, he still felt that he knew his parents incomparably well.

  But to his surprise, only an hour or two after this, Callu Bert had given himself a picture of another them that he had never seen before.

  After about two minutes of silence, Charlie wade asked Callu Bert, “Uncle Callu, before my father’s accident, what else did he say other than telling you that your parents might still be alive?”

  Callu Bert’s expression rose seriously as he said word for word, “Your father also said that he and your mother had left Eastcliff, and left because your mother had offended a very old and powerful mysterious organisation that had existed for at least three or four hundred years, and that its strength and background far exceeded all that one could imagine for a mysterious organisation to unfold. “

  Charlie wade was surprised in his heart and looked at Callu Bert and asked him, “Uncle Callu, this organisation you are talking about, is it called the Broken Qing Society?”

  ”You know about the Broken Qing Society too?!” Callu Bert was dumbfounded for a moment, looking at Charlie wade with an expression full of shock.

  Charlie wade nodded and said truthfully, “I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve had some contact with the Broken Clear Society, but not much.”

  Callu Bert was astonished and asked him, “How did you come into contact with the Broken Qing Society?”

  Charlie wade said frankly, “I came into contact with the Qing Breaking Society by coincidence, they tried to assassinate my grandparents in the United States, I captured one of their captives, and then followed that captive and found some clues related to the Qing Breaking Society.”

  Callu Bert was surprised and asked, “Twenty years have passed, and the Qing Breaking Society still won’t let your mother’s family go?!”

  Charlie wade smiled bitterly, “More than not letting go, my third aunt, who was married to my third uncle for almost twenty years, but no one expected that she would be a member of the Qing Breaking Society.”

  ”What?!” Callu Bert’s eyes widened, “Why would the Broken Qing Society hide in the An Family for twenty years …… your parents are gone, what is the significance of hiding in the An Family to them?”

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