Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5394

Callu Bert did not answer Charlie wade’s question, but looked at Charlie wade and said in a very serious manner, “Charlie wade, do you know why your parents wanted to return to China back then?”

  Charlie wade said, “I heard that it was my father who wanted to come back to revitalise the Wade family, and as for my mother, I think she came back with him out of the mindset of marrying a chicken and following a dog.”

  Callu Bert laughed, “See, that’s how brilliant your father is, if he doesn’t want others to see through his true purpose, then in this world, no one will be able to see through him.”

  Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Uncle Callu, what exactly do you mean? According to you, my parents’ return to China back then was actually another hidden agenda?”

  Callu Bert smiled mysteriously and said to Charlie wade, “In everyone’s eyes, Bruce wade and An Chengqing were a pair of geniuses in the business field and a divine couple in the financial industry, but in fact, from the time I met your father, he was a person who was very interested in martial arts, as well as traditional Chinese culture, and even those superstitions and metaphysics that were spurned by the senior intellectuals, he was willingly;”

  ”As for me, I happened to practice a little bit of martial arts as a child, and grew up in a martial arts family clan like the He family, and although my own martial arts had been abandoned for many years, I was better at understanding more, so even though the two of us were several years apart, we still got on very well.”

  ”Your father, although he has no talent for martial arts himself, has been researching the roots and underlying logic of martial arts, and so has your mother, they have even spent a lot of human and financial resources investigating the origins of martial arts and metaphysics all over the world.”

  Charlie wade frowned and said, “I never seem to have any relevant impression of my father ……”

  Callu Bert laughed, “You can interpret your father as, a scholar who tried to decipher the kernel of martial arts and metaphysics in a scientific way, his goal was not to cultivate martial arts, but he hoped to decipher the laws of martial arts like Newton deciphered the law of gravity, he often discussed with me what true qi was and why martial artists could run true qi with their meridians and dantian and serve to enhance physical fitness and their own strength;”

  ”Using science to decipher the kernel of martial arts and metaphysics?” Charlie wade’s expression was blank, and in his heart he couldn’t help but ask himself, “Can this kind of thing really be explained by science? Just like the rejuvenation pills that can bring back the dead and prolong life, is there any scientific method that can be researched on this? I know quite a lot about martial arts and aura, but I don’t know, what is the underlying logic in this, dad is not even a martial artist, how is he going to study the underlying logic in this?”

  At this point, Callu Bert remembered something and added, “By the way Charlie wade, although your mother seems to be quiet, she is actually more interested in these, even more fanatical than your father, moreover, even your father, may have been influenced by her.”

  Speaking of this, Callu Bert said to Charlie wade, “Your mother even had a team that specialized in this type of study, and back in the nineties, she used her connections and background in the United States to set up a supercomputer computing centre, at that time, there were only a few countries that could have that type of supercomputer, and the only few countries that did, were using supercomputers to predict global climate, simulating nuclear test data, calculating the orbits and distances of the planets in the solar system, and exploring the mysteries of the birth of the universe, while your mother, on the other hand, was using the world’s top supercomputer at the time to deduce the underlying logic of the I Ching and Bagua and the secret art of Callu Shui;”

  Charlie wade’s jaw dropped as he listened, he had never dreamed that his mother could be so mysterious.

  Callu Bert remembered something and added, “Oh yes, your mother even once dragged your father, for a period of time before and after the marriage, all over China, to participate in at least dozens of archaeology related to martial arts.”

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