Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5391

  ”So here I am, and I sincerely hope that the two couples will also be able to join hands for life and be happy for the rest of their lives on the basis of these three corrects! Thank you all!”

  Charlie wade’s speech from the bottom of his heart made everyone present unable to help but be moved.

  While they kept applauding, they could not help but feel admiration and yearning for the love like that of Charlie wade’s parents’ divine couple.

  Moreover, all these people present, knew Charlie wade’s identity.

  They knew how despondent Bruce wade had been when he left Eastcliff with his wife An Chengqing and his son Charlie wade, and they knew that they had perished shortly after coming to Aurous Hill.

  But they did not know that even after they had shed the glamour and background of the great family, there was no downfall or resignation; they were still able to face life with optimism and run their little family to the utmost perfection.

  Even if they did not rely on the Wade family for everything, Bruce wade was still able to build a boat for her own little family, as the song goes, and then wash her hair, climb up the mast and hold up the vine branches and leaves of her home.

  And An Chengqing was able to give up all her glamour to be by his and his son’s side wholeheartedly, and to make this little family warm and beautiful with her heart.

  At this moment, everyone was even more impressed with Bruce wade and An Chengqing.

  Zayne Banks was ashamed of himself, thinking back to his anger and resentment after the loss of power in the Banks family, but he was still a hundred thousand miles away from Bruce wade.

  It was only at this moment that he understood why his own son was just a straw man with bright education and experience, while Bruce wade’s son, even though he grew up in an orphanage and on a construction site, was still able to excel.

  The real difference is Bruce wade’s attitude towards life and his family, his openness, his responsibility, his passion and his heart, which he could never catch up with.

  The old man of the Banks family had just been cursing his son and grandson for being untalented, but at this moment, he realised that the untalentedness of his son and grandson stemmed to a large extent from his own education and influence on them.

  Both himself and his own son were not as great as Bruce wade, so neither he nor his son had a son as good as Charlie wade.

  Ito Yohiko had long since burst into old tears at this point.

  He was able to spoil Ito Nanaiko with his life in this life, but his greatest regret deep in his soul was that he had not been able to leave a son to continue his family name and mantle.

  Hearing Charlie wade’s words this time, this regret was instantly magnified countless times again.

  The regret was instantly magnified so much that he felt in his heart that there was only one chance to make up for this regret, and that was to let Charlie wade be his son-in-law.

  A son-in-law is half a son, and even in Europe and America, a son-in-law is called a son-in-law, which directly translates to a son on a legal level.

  Ito Yohiko could not help but cry out in his heart: Damn it! A son in law is still a son!

  And at this moment, all of Charlie wade’s confidants on the stage had long since reddened their eyes.

  They knew that Charlie wade had not had an easy time for many years since his childhood, and only today did they realise that what he had lost was such a perfect pair of parents. If it were anyone else, I’m afraid that the fall from heaven to hell would have been a devastating one.

  But Charlie wade relied on the spiritual legacy left to him by his parents and persevered all the way through.

  At this moment, they, too, coincidentally asked themselves a question in their hearts: in Charlie wade’s mind, who was the right person, really?

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