Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5388

Charlie wade understood that Callu Bert must know something significant and hidden, otherwise he could not have been so cautious.

  Thinking of this, he spoke, “Mr. Callu, if it’s convenient for you, after the wedding is over, I’ll take you and Xion together and go to an absolutely safe place.”

  ”Good!” Callu Bert nodded and agreed readily, saying, “But I have limited time, I originally planned to rush back to Eastcliff after the wedding at noon, because I have to broadcast live at 7pm, and the programme team has a regular meeting at 6pm, I have to rush back to the station before 6pm.”

  Charlie wade then said, “How about this, after the wedding is over at 12:30, you will be seated for dinner first, I will have a helicopter prepared, we will go there by helicopter after you finish eating, we can get there in ten minutes, after we are done, I will arrange a special plane to take you back to Eastcliff, then you can take the helicopter to the airport directly from the place I said, there will be absolutely no delay in your work at night. “

  Callu Bert smiled faintly and nodded, “Then I’ll be at your disposal!”

  Xion Banks didn’t expect the two to have a slight connection, so she didn’t interrupt, and when she saw that they had agreed, she said, “Uncle Callu, if it’s convenient for you, please touch base with Mr Wade about the wedding process.”

  Callu Bert hurriedly nodded and smiled, “Good, Mr Wade, let’s pair up.”

  Charlie wade arched his hand and spoke, “You are my father’s friend, I’ll call you Uncle Callu, and you don’t have to call me anything Mr Wade, just call me by my name, my name is Charlie wade.”

  Callu Bert nodded and said with a smile, “I know, although I have never met you, I know your name.”

  He immediately took out a piece of paper and handed it to Charlie wade, “This is the flow of the wedding ceremony, I will open the ceremony, the groom will come on stage, I will do some simple interaction with the groom, and then we will move on to the bride coming on stage, the bride will come on stage accompanied by her father, there is also a part where the bride’s father will hand the bride to the groom, and then they will come on stage together. You as the witness will be ready to take the stage.”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and said, “OK, I understand.”

  Callu Bert asked him, “Have you prepared the witness’s speech?”

  Charlie wade nodded, “I’ve probably prepared some, it’s in my head.”

  ”Good.” Callu Bert nodded and smiled, “There aren’t too many guests at today’s wedding, those who come are the relatives of the man and woman, so we won’t deliberately incite emotion, the style I envisage on my side is solemn and warm, but if your speech is more incendiary, I can also make some adjustments as appropriate to pave the way for you.”

  Charlie wade laughed: “I’m actually not too good at sensationalism either, let’s go by what you said, solemn and warm!”




  The wedding ceremony officially began.

  After Callu Bert, as the master of ceremonies, opened the wedding, Zayne Banks, dressed in a decent suit, stepped onto the main stage of the wedding.

  During his interaction with Callu Bert, Zayne Banks, without any concealment, told the story of his journey with He Yingxiu from the time he met her, to the time he had his daughter Xion Banks, to the time he decided to propose to her again.

  In the process, he not only expressed his shame to He Yingxiu and Xion Banks, but also expressed his gratitude to Charlie wade, even saying bluntly, “Taking this opportunity today, I would like to sincerely thank Mr Wade for his help to our Banks family, his tolerance towards the Banks family, and his personal discipline towards me.”

  ”If it wasn’t for Mr Wade, I’m afraid it would have been difficult for me to find a suitable opportunity to really quieten my mind and think seriously about what I really want, and it was only in this process that I realised that what I want is not money or power, what I want is an ordinary life, and simple happiness.”

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