Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5384

  When the old man said these words, both He Yingxiu and Xion cried their eyes red.

  On the side, Zayne Banks was also ashamed in his heart.

  He knew that the Banks family had always had a bad reputation.

  His own master had even gone so far as to kill his ex-wife, Deana, for the sake of the family’s reputation, but fortunately, Charlie wade had saved them both, mother and daughter.

  It was also this incident that made the whole country, and indeed the whole world, spit on the Banks family man.

  I’m afraid that the He family’s old man said this because of this incident, so he had some worries.

  The shameful Zayne Banks immediately raised his right hand and swore, “Dad, don’t worry, I have already decided that after I marry Yingxiu, I will stay in Aurous Hill and settle down, so that not only can I spend more time with Xion, but Yingxiu and I can also come back to see you more often. If I fail to do so, you and the He family can kill me with your own hands at any time!”

  Master He nodded in satisfaction, handed He Yingxiu’s hand to Zayne Banks and said with relief, “Since that’s the case, there’s nothing else I want, you can take Yingxiu away!”

  Zayne Banks was grateful and said respectfully, “Thank you, Dad! Dad, don’t worry, I will never let Yingxiu suffer in the future!”

  ”Good, good!” Elder He said three good words in a row and waved his hand with a smile, gesturing for the two to leave.

  The two men looked at each other, got up and walked out of the house.

  He Yingxiu, accompanied by Zayne Banks, boarded the first wedding car.

  Xion and the other Banks family ladies also rode together in the car, heading to the hotel together.

  According to the custom of Chinese weddings, Zayne Banks was originally supposed to receive He Yingxiu to his home to pay respects, and then, together with He Yingxiu, go to the hotel for the wedding.

  However, the Banks family was not a family in Aurous Hill, plus Charlie wade intentionally did not want people to know that today was the wedding of the Banks family’s son, so he prepared a presidential suite for Zayne Banks at the Shangri-la Palace Hotel, treating it as Zayne Banks’s main venue.

  This is quite common in wedding customs, except that in the past, it was always the woman who came from abroad to the man’s city and got a room at the hotel to be used as the wedding room for the hairdresser.

  So, according to common sense, it would be He Yingxiu’s family who would check in at one of the hotels in Eastcliff, and then Zayne Banks would go to the hotel to take her home to pay her respects and get married.

  However, Charlie wade had specified a location for Zayne Banks, which had to be at Shangri-la Palace, and there was no other choice, so Zayne Banks then had to do the opposite of the norm.

  At this moment, most of the Banks family, including the old man and Zara Banks, were waiting in the hotel’s presidential suite at this time.

  The Ito family, the invited guests, were also waiting here at this time.

  In addition to this, there was a well-known male host from Eastcliff, forty-six-year-old Callu Bert.

  Callu Bert is a household name in China and is considered a top-class MC.

  He was invited by Xion to officiate at the wedding because his parents were once martial artists and had a close personal relationship with the He family, and because he grew up in the He household when he was young.

  Xion was not worried about outsiders knowing about her father’s marriage, nor was she worried about outsiders seeing her mother’s arms intact, after all, only the Banks and He families knew about her disability back then.

  What she was worried about was Charlie wade, who was coming to be a witness to the marriage, and that Charlie wade’s identity might leak out.

  Callu Bert himself had grown up in the He family, and was the offspring of a martial artist, and had been brought up under the watchful eye of Elder He, so his character was completely trustworthy, so he would certainly keep his mouth shut about today’s events as well.

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