Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5381

Seven o’clock in the morning.

  Zayne Banks’s wedding caravan left on time to pick up the bride from the He family villa.

  It was a big day, with hundreds of couples having weddings in Aurous Hill City, like a long steel dragon weaving through the streets and alleys of Aurous Hill.

  When Zayne Banks’s wedding caravan arrived on time outside the He family gates, the He family’s juniors and ladies welcomed Zayne Banks’s family, headed by Zayne Banks, through the door, and Zayne Banks went straight to He Yingxiu’s wedding room, holding flowers.

  As Zayne Banks and He Yingxiu were both over fifty years old, their wedding reception was not as lively as that of the young people. The He family did not block the door and the Banks family did not make a scene, all of them watched Zayne Banks walk step by step to He Yingxiu with a smile of blessing.

  He Yingxiu was dressed in a red wedding dress, and although her face showed some signs of age, it was still radiant.

  In contrast, Zayne Banks’s face was already more wrinkled with the vicissitudes of fate and hardship during this time.

  Xion Banks, who was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress, saw her father come in with flowers and said hurriedly, “Dad, I hid Mum’s shoes behind the door!”

  He Yingxiu couldn’t help but tease her, “Xion, you’re really looking out for your dad, even if you don’t block the door, you won’t even let him look for your shoes?”

  Xion Banks said with a smile, “Mom, I’d like to put the shoes in Dad’s hand so that you two can get married in a hurry!”

  For Xion Banks, she knew that it was not easy for her parents to get together, they had been through so many trials and tribulations over the past 20 years, and in this case, all she wanted was for them to get married as soon as possible.

  He Yingxiu naturally knew her daughter’s intentions, and could not help but gently take Xion Banks over, using her forehead to press her forehead gently, her tears reaching her eye sockets, and then holding them back.

  Xion Banks’s eyes were slightly closed, only to feel the hotness of her eyes, feeling her mother’s pampering with all her heart, the whole person did not move.

  Although no one said anything, but that mother-daughter love, even if outsiders look at it, they are also deeply moved.

  Zayne Banks saw this scene, and his heart was also full of emotions.

  He finally understood what it was like to marry a woman who loved him.

  Moreover, unlike Deana, his ex-wife, who did not love him at all, he already had love for He Yingxiu in his heart.

  It was at this moment that he became even more excited about his life after marriage. He only wanted to live an uneventful life with his new wife, and money and status were no longer important, so much so that his face unconsciously overflowed with happiness.

  Although he knew that He Yingxiu had interfered in his parents’ marriage, he knew that his parents’ marriage was not so healthy, so forcing them to be together was not good for either of them.

  In the past two days since his return, he had stayed in the old courtyard where Charlie wade had lived with his parents when he was young, and he had watched his mother tending to that small courtyard every day with satisfaction and tirelessness, and he had realised just how strong his mother’s love for Bruce wade was, so strong that even if she just kept the small courtyard where Bruce wade had lived, she could feel more content and happy than ever.

  And today, he saw with his own eyes the rare appearance of happiness in his father, which made him realise the truth that sometimes, what seems to be complete and whole may not be truly complete, and that it is better to break and then stand.

  Without Charlie wade, with his father’s status, it would have been impossible for his mother to divorce him, and with his father’s character, he would never have let go.

  Seeing that his father was still frozen there, Fitz Banks turned around and found the red shoe from behind the door, carefully picked it up and quietly handed it to his father.

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