Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5379

  She had known Lin Wan’er for more than a few days, but in all these days, she had never heard Lin Wan’er say the word thank you to herself.

  Even if her husband had done so much for her, even giving her the whole Purple Mountain Villa, she had never seen Lin Wan’er say thank you, as if in her eyes, whatever her husband did for her was a matter of course and she was not only ungrateful, but even stingy with the word thank you.

  There were times when Sister Xian had something against Lin Wan’er in her heart. She always felt that this girl, who was so young and looked like a lady of the house, was arrogant and lacked manners.

  However, at this moment, Sister Xian was amazed and thought to herself, “Sir has been able to give her a huge release for making so many, multi-billion-dollar hard-to-buy, superbly-made other homes for her, but she has never even said thank you, yet today she is saying thank you to both me and the pastry chef for making her the Chen Pi Pu Er pastry she wants to eat, I really don’t know what this Miss Lin’s world view is like. “

  Just as Sister Xian was wondering, she heard the voice of her own husband, Ying Shan, coming from outside the door, his voice panting but with full excitement, “Miss! Old Zhang is here!”

  Lin Wan’er raised her eyebrows slightly, and her beautiful eyes looked towards the door.

  A moment later, she saw Ying Shan and Sun Zhidong together with an old man, and the three of them walked in with each other’s arms.

  The old man who came up with  Yingshan and Sun Zhidong was the same old man who had been with Lin Wan’er in Northern Europe.

  When that old man saw Lin Wan’er, he couldn’t hide his excitement and stepped forward, trembling and kneeling in front of Lin Wan’er, he said respectfully, “Miss, my old slave is late, please punish me!”

  Lin Wan’er smiled lightly and raised her hand in the air, saying softly, “Get up, you are not late, there is no need to blame yourself too much.”

  Only then did the old man slowly stand up.

  On the side, Sister Xian was already looking dumbfounded.

  The old man in front of her looked similar to her husband, conservatively estimated to be around ninety years old, but at such an old age, he was still kneeling for Lin Wan’er.

  This also made her mind wonder even more, “This Miss Lin, what exactly is her origin ……”

  At this moment,  Ying Shan said to Sister Xian, “Xian, you can go down first.”

  Sister Xian nodded hastily and said respectfully, “Sir, Miss Lin, I will leave first.”

  After saying this, she hurriedly exited the courtyard, not forgetting to close the door again as she went out.

  When Sister Xian was far away, Lin Wan’er looked at the old man and asked, “Did Old Zhang still have a smooth journey?”

  The old man called Old Zhang hurriedly said, “Back to Miss, it was quite smooth, but I just followed Miss’s arrangement and took some extra detours, and I had to take care of too many things with me, so the journey was a bit slow.”

  Lin Wan’er asked him, “Did you bring all my things over safely?”

  Old Zhang couldn’t stop nodding and said, “I’ve brought all your blue and white porcelain, because it was too valuable and I was afraid of attracting the attention of the border control and customs, so I chose to enter by special land route from Kazakhstan for the last part of the journey.”

  Lin Wan’er then asked, “Where is the stuff?”

  Old Zhang said, “It’s all down there. Ying Shan has arranged for someone to unpack it and bring it up to you as soon as it’s done.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “You have had a hard journey, take a good rest first, I will probably settle in Aurous Hill for some time to come, so you should also take this time to rest.”

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