Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5372

In the past, the appearance of the Blood Dissipation and Heart Salvation Pill was black and shiny, like the chocolate beans that children loved to eat, but it was the first time that Charlie wade had seen a pale golden coloured pill.

  He took the pill out of the medicine censer and examined it carefully in front of him, and could clearly feel that the aura emitted from this pill was much stronger than the previous Blood Dissipation and Heart Saving Pill, and the smell emitted from the pill alone gave a more mellow feeling.

  Charlie wade put the pill into his mouth, and the pure and surging medicinal power quickly flowed throughout his body. The Blood Dissipation and Heart Salvation Pill did not contain spiritual qi and was no longer of much help to his cultivation, but Charlie wade could still clearly feel that this new Blood Dissipation and Heart Salvation Pill was about twice as potent as the previous version!

  And what was even more rare was that the new Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill was not only stronger, the medicinal effect also seemed to be more pure, horizontally and vertically, and had been greatly enhanced.

  Therefore, Charlie wade speculated that if this new Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill was given to an ordinary martial artist, the stronger and purer medicinal effect would definitely give his dantian meridians and even his entire body a greater boost, and the actual combined medicinal effect might be able to match the previous three Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pills.

  With the same quality and weight of herbs, the number of pills refined did not change, but it was the effect of this medicinal censer that made the effect of the pills improve tremendously, which made Charlie wade excited.

  He could not help but murmur, “I wonder if the Spring Return Pill and the Peiyuan Pill can also have such an effect if they are made with this pill cauldron. And if the Peiyuan Pill doubles its medicinal effect, it would mean that the spiritual energy contained in it would also be doubled, which would definitely be the best choice for me to replenish my spiritual energy.”

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade could not help but sigh, “It’s just a pity that the ten thousand year old ambergris that I obtained from Fengnian last time has already been used up, if I want to refine a new Peiyuan Dan, I will have to find a new piece of ambergris of the same quality before I can do so.”

  Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade called Graham Quinton, Isaac Cameron and Wan Bajun, asking them to keep an eye out to see if there was any high-quality ambergris for sale in the various markets, and if there was, he must get it at any cost.

  After informing the three of them, Charlie wade then called Xion.

  When the call was answered, Xion asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what are your orders for me?”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Xion, where are you?”

  Xion said, “Back to Mr. Wade, I am still at Shangri-la Palace.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Do you have something important at hand?”

  Xion replied, “Nothing important, just some minor details of the wedding, if you have any orders, just let me know, I’ll be free!”

  Charlie wade then said, “Good, then you can drive to the Champs Elysees Spa Villa now, come alone, don’t inform anyone.”

  ”Champs Elysees Spa Villa?” Xion subconsciously asked, “Is it your mid-levels spa villa in the suburbs?”

  ”Right.” Charlie wade said, “You should hurry and come over now, I’ll wait for you here.”

  Xion was surprised in her heart.

  She did not understand why Charlie wade suddenly wanted to ask himself to meet him at the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel.

  It sounded as if there was something important going on.

  So, without thinking, she said, “Okay Mr. Wade, Xion will come over here!”

  ”Good!” Charlie wade instructed, “Be safe on the way.”

  After hanging up the phone, Xion did not dare to delay and immediately left Shangri-la Palace and drove towards the outskirts.