Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5360

When Charlie wade said that he would reluctantly accept it, Greg Abbot felt like his blood was going to run dry.

  This Medicine Cauldron had been passed down by the ancestors of the Tai Zhen Dao. For hundreds and thousands of years, dozens of ancestors of the Tai Zhen Dao had used this Medicine Cauldron to refine pills, so it was definitely considered a treasure of the Tai Zhen Dao.

  Seeing that this treasure, which had been passed down for thousands of years, had been blackmailed away by Charlie wade, Greg Abbot felt that he would not be able to face the ancestors of Tai Chen Dao after his death.

  However, there was no room for him to turn back now, as this treasure was already in Charlie wade’s hands, and he was unable to fight, speak or scold him, and he was crushed in front of Charlie wade.

  Therefore, Greg Abbot’s current thought was that if he could save his life tonight at this Hall, he would be blessed by his ancestors and have smoke coming from his ancestors’ graves, so how could he have the heart to ask for this medicine pot back.

  So, he could only compensate with a smile and said respectfully, “Master Wade, just accept it, this medicine censer will be yours from now on ……”

  Charlie wade nodded and untied the cloth pocket to reveal the ancient bronze three-legged tripod inside, while looking at Greg Abbot, he said, “You promised yourself, I’m not blackmailing you, am I?”

  Greg Abbot said with tears in his eyes, “Not blackmail, not blackmail ……”

  Charlie wade asked again, “You volunteered, right?”

  Greg Abbot nodded his head while letting his tears be thrown on the ground by his head, and kept chanting, “Voluntarily, voluntarily ……”

  Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction, “It’s okay if it’s voluntary.”

  With that, he took out the three-legged pill censer from the cloth pocket.

  As the three-legged pill censer was taken out, there was also a faint smell of medicinal herbs coming out.

  Charlie wade looked at the pill censer in front of him and could not help but sigh at how beautifully it was made, with an ancient and simple shape and rounded lines, making it look pleasing to the eye and so well proportioned everywhere.

  It was also very smooth to the touch. I don’t know if the material was good or if the ancestors of the Tai Zhen Dao had done a good job.

  However, Charlie wade did not think that there was anything special about this medicine censer, after all, he had seen a lot of antiques, and he could not count the number of ancient bronze and copper vessels that were more exquisite than this medicine censer, and those bronze vessels that were called national treasures were not one in a million.

  Just when Charlie wade thought that it was probably just an ancient souvenir, he subconsciously poured some spiritual energy into it to test it out.

  However, the other people around him did not notice the change in the pill censer.

  Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade realised that there was an extremely complex formation inside this Medicine Cauldron, just like his own Soul Penetrating Blade and Thunderbolt Order, which were both formations stored in a magic weapon, using spiritual qi to activate the formation to achieve the effects of the formation.

  Charlie wade didn’t know what kind of formation was in this medicine censer, but it felt like it was spinning incredibly fast, very much like it was specifically used to condense certain materials.

  Combined with the fact that this thing looked like a pill censer for refining pills, so he instantly came to the conclusion that this should be a magic weapon that specializes in refining pills with aura!

  At this moment, Charlie wade’s heart suddenly surged with excitement.

  He had previously refined pills by directly condensing the herbs with spirit qi, and the reason why he didn’t use any artifacts was because the strength of ordinary artifacts simply couldn’t carry the temperature of spirit qi when refining pills for a long time.

  Moreover, according to the “Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures”, although pill cauldrons had no offensive power, they were considered difficult among magic artifacts, and the formations inside such magic artifact-level pill cauldrons were able to refine the medicinal effects of medicinal herbs better and even achieve sublimation under the augmentation of spiritual qi.

  In other words, if Charlie wade took the ingredients of the Spring Return Pill and simply refined them with spiritual qi, what would come out would be an ordinary Spring Return Pill, but if he put the herbs into this kind of medicinal censer and refined them, what would come out would be a Spring Return Pill Plus.

  The medicinal effect of the Spring Return Pill Plus is definitely stronger than that of the Spring Return Pill, but how much stronger it is depends on the level of the pill cauldron itself.

  Pill refining, in some ways, is very similar to iron smelting.

  If one were to refine medicine with aura, it would be like smelting iron for the ancients. Although one could barely reach the temperature needed for smelting iron by using high heat charcoal with a bellows, the quality of the smelted iron would still be much inferior to the high temperature blast furnaces of modern industry because the temperature was not sufficient.