Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5356

For a moment, Greg Abbott was in disarray, not knowing what to do.

  Charlie wade questioned in a cold voice: “What? You don’t dare anymore? Aren’t you very powerful? You call yourself a Heavenly Master, but you’ve given up on such a trivial matter?”

  Greg Abbott said with a black face, “Kid, how could I, Greg Abbott, be a wimp!”

  After saying that, he turned his words and said with a sneer full of arrogance, “I was almost led into a rhythm by this hairy boy of yours! Yesterday, he, Simmons, voluntarily competed with me and was willing to bet and concede, so he should have given up this Hall to me! But now he’s hiding like a turtle, not daring to see anyone, and he’s got a smart-alecky kid like you here to spout off, just to renege on his debt. What’s more, I’ve already won this Jezebel Hall, so why should I bet with you again? And what are you betting against me?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Old man, one of us wants to set the pace, but I don’t care about you, just now the whole process, I have secretly filmed it with the camera, don’t you dare not answer the battle now? It doesn’t matter, I’ll post these videos on the internet right away, and focus on foreign networks! A mere Ji Shi Tang, the investment is only a million or so, so what if I give it to you? As long as you’re not afraid of losing face or picking up sesame seeds and losing the watermelon, this Ji Shi Tang, just go ahead and take it.”

  After saying that, Charlie wade asked Xyla: “Xyla, did you record the entire video I asked you to record?”

  Xyla nodded her head and said, “Back to Master Wade, Xyla has recorded it all!”

  As she said that, she took off the black leather bag she was carrying, opened it up and took out several sports cameras from inside, and then looked at the black leather bag, which had four or five round holes all over it.

  It’s just that the lens and the leather bag were both black, and Greg Abbott’s attention had not been on Xyla’s body, so he didn’t even notice.

  Only now did Greg Abbott realise that this kid had set himself up with a three-headed blocking trap!

  If he agreed to compete again, the dozen or so women would definitely expose themselves, and if they couldn’t even guess the ages of the dozen or so people, it would indirectly prove that he had cheated yesterday, and he would definitely lose his reputation by then.

  But if I don’t agree, then this kid will post the video on the internet, and I will also lose my reputation.

  The key is that he can’t kill to silence the victim, so many people are watching, if he really kills to silence the victim, then I am afraid that he will immediately be wanted nationwide, and if he escapes from China, I am afraid that he will be wanted worldwide, and his reputation will be ruined as well.

  Only then did Greg realise just how sinister the boy’s intentions were!

  So, he carefully calculated in his heart: “If I fight hard with this kid, I can’t even escape a fate of losing my reputation, rather than this, I’d better shake hands with him and make peace, in that case, it’s just that the Ji Shi Tang in my hand will fly away, and I have nothing else to lose …… “

    Thinking of this, Greg Abbot pursed his lips, and said in a pretended magnanimity: “Forget it, I see that your kid is deliberately doing this, just to help that Simmons This Jish*tang is here to stay, I, Hong, will be more magnanimous today, and this Jish*tang will be given back to Simmons, I don’t want it anymore!”

  After saying this, he stroked his beard with one hand, lifted his shirt, and put his hands behind his back, striding out with a high stride.

  Charlie wade could not let him fool him and directly blocked his way, sneering, “Don’t be in a hurry to run away first, old man, your design to frame Dr. Simmons yesterday has already affected Dr. Simmons’s reputation in Aurous Hill.

  Greg Abbott instantly panicked and questioned him, “Then what exactly do you want!”

  At this moment, Greg Abbott already regretted that he had set his eyes on Simmons’s Ji Shi Tang!

  Earlier on, he had not expected that this matter would put him in such a passive state.

  So much so that now that he wanted to raise his hand and surrender, the other party would not let him.

  At this moment, Charlie wade looked at Greg Abbott and said with a smile, “I heard from Divine Doctor Simmons that yesterday you made a bet with Divine Doctor Simmons, and the bet was a medicinal censer, I see that the cloth pocket on you is bulging, is it not the one contained inside?”