Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5355

  Greg Abbott got nervous all of a sudden.

  It wasn’t that simple to tell the age of a person.

  Yesterday, he was afraid that Simmons was really capable of getting his age right, so before he asked them to come to the show, he got them fake IDs and deliberately deviated their birthdays from their actual ages by one or two years, in order to provide double insurance, so that not only would Greg Abbott know the answer in advance, but he would also confuse the real answer, so that even if Simmons was capable, the age he got would not be able to match the age on his ID card. The age on the ID card corresponds to the age on the ID card.

  So now that Charlie wade had suddenly made a challenge, how could he dare to casually respond.

  So, he said in a cold voice: “Humph! What does an ID card count for? ID cards can also be faked, in case you make a fake ID card to deceive me and change the date of birth, even if I have great skills, it would be impossible for me to guess the age on your ID card, in that case, wouldn’t you win or lose?”

  After hearing his query, Charlie wade asked curiously, “It seems that you know all about such underhanded things! Did you win against Dr. Simmons by such a small trick?”

  Greg Abbott immediately denied it, “Of course I didn’t! I won against Simmons because of my real skills! I just feel that you are not a good person at first glance, and probably designed to trap me on purpose!”

  Charlie wade nodded: “You are afraid that I will conspire with Divine Doctor Simmons to trap you, right?”

  Greg Abbott immediately said, “That’s right!”

  ”Fine!” Charlie wade smiled faintly and said to Xyla, “Xyla, invite in all the people I asked you to invite!”

  Xyla hurriedly said, “Yes Master Wade!”

  After saying that, he immediately ran out and beckoned, and soon, a dozen women of varying ages were brought in from outside, some looking to be in their early twenties, while others looked to be at least in their sixties or seventies.

  After they came in, they all stood in a row. Charlie wade looked at Greg Abbott, who was staring at him with a jaw-dropping expression, and said with a smile, “Come, come, come, Greg Tianshui, these ladies are all short-time casual workers that I asked Xyla to hire from our Aurous Hill labour market early in the morning, so come and take their pulse one by one to see if you can guess their age correctly. Seven days.”

  Greg Abbott was flustered, but he sneered, “How do I know if these people are your new trustees?”

  ”It doesn’t matter.” Charlie wade laughed, “I knew you had to have all this bullsh*t, and I was afraid that you would say that you were a gynaecological sage and would only check the pulse of women, so I had Xyla invite all of them to be women.”

  I had Xyla take them to the police station to get their birth dates certified and have them stamped to ensure that the birth dates issued by the police station are the same as the birth dates on their ID cards. Ask the police to come over as a witness!”

  If you think this doesn’t work, then I’ll call a friend to introduce someone from the notary’s office and contact the TV and media, so that they can come together as witnesses. If you can really control the age error of each person within seven days, when the TV station reports it, your reputation as Greg Tian Shi will be even higher, not only can you promote our Chinese medicine, but you can also apply for a new Guinness World Record!”

  After saying that, Charlie wade looked at Greg Abbott and said smilingly, “See, I have ways to cure you.”

  As soon as Greg Abbott heard this, his entire body was struck by lightning.

  He had never dreamed that this kid in front of him would be so damaging! This was almost like blocking all his paths! And he wanted to go to the media, he was a prominent figure in North America, if he were to lose face in front of the media, wouldn’t that ruin his wisdom?