Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5354

When he saw Charlie wade threatening to smack him, he even stretched out his hand and gestured at the side of his face, Greg Abbott really wanted to break him into pieces because he had never suffered such humiliation in his life.

  However, when he thought that he had important matters to attend to in Aurous Hill and that the police station was just around the corner, even if he had a great hatred in his heart, he could only suppress it desperately at this moment.

  When Charlie wade saw that his face was blue, he looked like a pressure cooker about to explode, so he sneered and sneered, “What’s the matter? You don’t dare to check my pulse anymore? I think you, the old man, won yesterday by cheating the divine Doctor Simmons! Otherwise, why don’t you dare to take my pulse?”

  Charlie wade had originally suspected that this Greg Abbott had set up a trap for Simmons, and seeing that he was actually an eight-star martial artist today, this suspicion was reinforced.

  An eight-star martial artist must have spent most of his time every day cultivating his martial dao, and even if such a person had the talent to become a top state doctor, he definitely did not have the time or opportunity to become a top state doctor.

  In this world, there is no shortage of top scientists who can win the Nobel Prize, there is no shortage of artistic masters who can study a certain musical instrument or painting to perfection, and there is no shortage of sportsmen who can practise a sport like a world championship.

  But who has ever heard of a Nobel Prize winner who also became the world’s leading pianist and Olympic champion?

  Human energy was always limited, and since Greg Abbott was an eight-star martial artist, it was destined that he simply did not have too much time and energy to be able to become a champion in other fields.

  At this moment, seeing that Charlie wade had been aggressive, Greg Abbott’s heart instantly became a little nervous.

  Although he was a Daoist Heavenly Master and was considered to be a great figure, he had spent so many years mainly on cultivating martial arts and secondarily on studying the refinement of some low-level Daoist pills, and had not studied national medicine in depth at all.

  However, it was not that he did not know anything about medicine, after all, the Dao Sect itself was good at medicine, so he was still better than most national doctors of limited standard, but there was still a big gap compared to a national doctor saint like Simmons.

  When he took a fancy to Simmons’s Ji Shi Tang, and at the same time wanted to take advantage of it and step on Simmons to gain a quick foothold in Aurous Hill, he thought of digging a hole for Simmons.

  It was precisely because his own medical skills were not as good as Simmons’s that he deliberately found a few trustees and then took the opportunity to test his medical skills against Simmons, all the female patients who came to see him yesterday were people he had arranged.

  And at that time, he had been leading Simmons by the nose and using the witnesses at the scene to put pressure on Simmons, who had not even considered in that direction.

  But Charlie wade was not Simmons.

  Simmons might think that everything was fine because the benchmark for the competition was chosen by himself from a few patients.

  However, Charlie wade felt that it sounded a bit fishy.

  When he saw that Greg Abbott was still silent, he frowned and said, “You don’t dare to compete, do you? I think you are a liar! Before I call the police to arrest you, hurry up and get as far away from me as possible!”

  Greg Abbott gritted his teeth and said, “Who says I don’t dare? It’s just that you are Simmons’s man, so what’s the point of me taking your pulse if you are in cahoots? Even if I guess correctly, you will still say that I didn’t guess correctly!”

  Charlie wade smiled and directly took out his ID card, snapped it backwards on the table, clasped his name and birth year, and said indifferently, “Here, my ID card is right here, you take my pulse, as long as the birth year you take out is within seven days of the error of my ID card, I will count you as the winner.”