Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5350

Charlie wade knew that this Greg Tian Shi had come for the Spring Return Pill this time, and since he had now approached Shi Tian Qi, he could not allow him to continue to stay in Aurous Hill like this, regardless of whether he knew his identity or not.

  Therefore, the best thing to do at the moment was to take the initiative.

  However, Charlie wade had also considered one thing, and that was that since Greg Tian Shi was familiar with his grandmother, would he have also met his parents before.

  If he had met them, then given the similarity between his own appearance and that of his father, he might guess his identity.

  Charlie wade’s intention was that if Greg Tian Shi questioned his identity, then he would simply hold him back without a second thought.

  With that, he then said to Simmons, “Divine Doctor Simmons, you and Xyla go home first, don’t worry about this place, I will come over early tomorrow morning, on time!”

  Simmons hesitated for a moment, but nodded his head in agreement and said respectfully, “Okay Master Wade, I’ll come back tomorrow morning!”

  Charlie wade waved gently at Xyla, called her to his side and whispered a few words in her ear.

  Xyla immediately nodded without thinking and said, “Yes Master Wade, Xyla will definitely get it done!”

  Charlie wade nodded and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, I will definitely help you guys out in this matter, no matter what, I won’t let anyone take off the brand of Ji Shi Tang!”


  The next day.

  Charlie wade arrived at Jishi Hall early in the morning after seven o’clock.

  At this time, the notice that the clinic was closed for the day had already been put up in the Ji Shi Tang, while the plaque of Ji Shi Tang was still hanging above the main entrance, while the plaque of the Heavenly Master Hall was still put aside.

  Simmons had changed into his long shirt early and waited here apprehensively, and when he saw Charlie wade enter, he hurriedly greeted him and spoke, “Master Wade, you’re here!”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked him, “Divine Doctor Simmons, has Xyla come?”

  Simmons hurriedly said, “Back to Master Wade, Xyla just called me to say that it was almost here.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade nodded slightly, then he smiled and said, “Divine Doctor Simmons go to the back to rest for a moment, I’ll wait here for that Heavenly Master Greg to come to the door!”

  Simmons asked busily, “Master Wade, do you want me to wait here with you?”

  ”No need.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “I will call you when I need Divine Doctor Simmons to come out.”

  ”Good!” Simmons nodded, arched his hand to Charlie wade and respectfully said, “Master Wade, old me will wait for your summons at the back!”

  After saying this, Simmons turned around and went to the lounge at the back of the Jezebel Hall.

  Charlie wade got up and carried the plaque of the Heavenly Master Hall over and laid it directly in front of the chair, then he sat back down on the chair and his feet naturally stepped on the plaque of the Heavenly Master Hall.

  Soon after, a tall, thin, long-bearded old man walked aggressively to the entrance.

  This man was Tian Shi Greg, who had flown all the way from the United States to Aurous Hill to look for clues to the Spring Return Pill.

  At this moment, when Greg Tian Shi saw that the plaque of Jishi Hall was still hanging above, his expression immediately surged with displeasure, and with his hands behind his back, he walked into Jishi Hall with big strides. He said that he would pack up and leave last night and take down the plaque of Jishi Hall, why hasn’t he done so by now?”

  Charlie wade, who was sitting on a chair, looked at Greg Tian Shi and saw that although there was no spiritual qi in this person’s body, he had a few bases of true qi and had reached the level of an eight-star martial artist.

  A Daoist priest who could have the strength of an eight-star martial artist did impress Charlie wade somewhat.

  At this moment, when that Greg Tian Shi saw that he had called out to no one, he could not help but get a little angry again and opened his mouth to ask: “Where is Simmons? You dare to keep the signboard of the Ji Shi Hall, but you yourself are hiding and don’t dare to meet people?!”

  At this time, Charlie wade deliberately coughed twice, stretched and stood up, and said discontentedly, “What are you yelling about so early in the morning? Have your brains been squeezed by the door? If your brain is really squeezed by the door, you’d better call 120 to go to the hospital for emergency treatment, we can’t do it here!”

  Greg Tian Shi looked at Charlie wade who had suddenly stood up and asked with a frown, “Who are you?”

  Charlie wade was still worried that he might have seen his own father, so he deliberately asked, “What, you haven’t seen me before?”