Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5349

  Charlie wade asked again, “How did you choose the person for the competition at that time? Could there be a possibility that this person planted a patient over in advance, then came to the door to kick the door, proposed the method of the competition, and then secretly colluded to win you?”

  ”This ……” Simmons pondered for a moment and muttered, “I don’t have any evidence that can prove it, but I can’t rule out this possibility.”

  Saying that, Simmons added with a serious face, “However, Grandmaster Wade, Taoism has always been about cultivating the heart and nurturing the soul, that Greg Tian Shi should not be so shameless, right?”

  Charlie wade smiled with seemingly deep meaning and said casually, “If he really cultivated his heart and nourished his nature, why would he come here to bet with others? Just like the monks in that temple and the priests in the church, if they hang around with those powerful people all day and get all smelly, how would they really go to cultivate their hearts and souls?”

  Charlie wade said this because, according to Stephanie, that Greg Tian Shi had quite a friendship with his own grandmother.

  And in Charlie wade’s opinion, the first thing that a person with true faith must do is to be indifferent to fame and fortune; if he spent all his energy on befriending the powerful, how could his heart be pure?

  This Greg Tian Shi was naturally the same.

  For someone like him to befriend the kind of top-notch powerful people like his own grandmother is, without exaggeration, absolutely as difficult as ascending to heaven.

  If he did not have to spend decades meticulously operating himself, promoting himself as well as packaging himself, how could he have made it into his grandmother’s eyes?

  It is also clear that this man must have been very utilitarian.

  Is it any wonder that a person with a strong sense of utilitarianism would make a little move when it comes to betting?

  Xyla suddenly came to his senses and said, “You’re right, Master Wade! I think that man is very shrewd! At that time, he only said a few words in front of the patients, and Grandpa was so embarrassed by him that if he hadn’t agreed to him, he wouldn’t have been able to get off the stage! So when you say that he might have planted fake patients in advance, I think it’s really possible!”

  Simmons sighed: “It’s too late to talk about this now, there were so many patients who watched me lose to him on the spot, my name, as well as the word Ji Shi Tang, has been ruined in Aurous Hill, now even if I know that he cheated, there is no way to undo it.”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly, “That’s not necessarily true.”

  After saying that, he remembered something and asked Simmons, “By the way, Doctor Simmons, you said he had an ancestral medicine pot, what kind of medicine pot was it?”

  Simmons hurriedly said, “It is the pottery furnace used by Daoist priests to make pills, the whole is about the size of a rugby ball, it looks like it is made of copper, the shape of the vessel is long and three-legged with heavenly ears, there is a matching lid, the whole surface of the pottery furnace is covered with silk-pinching dragon patterns, it looks very beautifully crafted, according to him, it was handed down from his ancestors and is specially used to make pills. “

  Charlie wade raised his eyebrows with interest and smiled, “This thing might really be a good thing for making pills.”

  After saying that, he asked Simmons, “Did that person say when he was coming over?”

  Simmons busily said, “He said he would come at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, sharp, to hang the plaque he had placed at the door.”

  Remembering the plaque covered with red silk at the door, Charlie wade smiled faintly and stepped outside the door.

  Standing in front of that plaque, Charlie wade unceremoniously reached out and tore open the red silk on it, revealing three large gilt letters in a flash: Heavenly Master Hall.

  Charlie wade grunted, then pulled the ladder aside, picked up the already removed Ji Shi Hall plaque with one hand, and hung this plaque back up again.

  Simmons said nervously, “Master Wade, don’t do it …… if you hang the plaque, then I’ll be an old scoundrel who is willing to gamble but won’t accept defeat ……”

Charlie wade laughed: “Not in the way, the plaque hanging, is to let him know that this matter has taken a turn for the worse, he will certainly rush over to deal with, when I come to meet him!”