Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5347

  ”Good!” Charlie wade immediately said, “Wait for me at the medical hall, I’ll go there now!”

  When Charlie wade drove to Simmons’s Ji Shi Hall, the plaque had already been taken off and thrown aside.

  At the same time, there was a plaque wrapped in red silk at the entrance, and it was not yet possible to see what was written on the plaque.

  When Charlie wade arrived at Jishi Hall, Simmons was working with Xyla and the junior staff to pack up the various herbs on the medicine cabinet.

  When Xyla saw Charlie wade enter, he excitedly shouted, “Master Wade!”

  After saying this, she ran towards Charlie wade and instantly jumped into his arms, wailing and crying.

  Charlie wade hurriedly asked her, “Little Xyla, what’s going on? Tell me properly.”

  Simmons also saw Charlie wade’s expression at this time and was startled then hobbled over with a face full of shame and sighed, “Master Wade …… what brings you here? Is it because this girl Xyla told you something?”

  Xyla cried, “Grandfather, Xyla doesn’t want to leave Aurous Hill, so I wanted to ask Master Wade to come and persuade you ……”

  Simmons let out a long sigh, “Ai! I, Simmons, am willing to gamble and accept defeat, since I have lost, how can I be so stubborn as to continue to stay here ……”

  Xyla cried stubbornly, “But losing is only losing to Ji Shi Tang! We don’t have to leave Aurous Hill because of that!”

  Simmons asked her rhetorically, “My bet with him is that if I lose, I’ll give him the Hall of Worldly Harmony, what’s the point of staying in Aurous Hill?”

  Xyla cried, “But I just don’t want to leave Aurous Hill …… I haven’t learned the real Sanyang Needle Technique from Master Wade, I don’t want to go ……”

  That day, when the Moore family’s old man was seriously ill, Simmons brought Xyla to rescue and treat him, but he happened to meet Charlie wade on a narrow path. At that time, Xyla was not convinced of Charlie wade, but after seeing Charlie wade actually use the real “Three Yang Acupuncture Technique”, he immediately admired him.

  Although the Three Yang Acupuncture Technique was an ancestral medical technique of the Simmons family, what the ancestors of the Simmons family had learnt was just the skin of it, and the real Three Yang Acupuncture Technique was much more powerful than the one passed down from the Simmons family.

  Xyla also knew that many of the top national medical techniques had been untold secrets throughout the years, so she had never expected Charlie wade to teach her, and suddenly said so today, but just wanted an excuse to stay in Aurous Hill.

  Charlie wade was a little surprised at this time and asked, “Divine Doctor Simmons, what exactly did you lose to give up the Hall of Ji Shi to others?”

  Simmons said with a shameful face, “Master Wade …… is really that I am not as skilled as others, losing is losing, and I have no face to mention it to you again ……”

  Xyla, who was at the side, blurted out, “It’s an old man who came two days ago! He said that if he won, he would let Grandpa take off the plaque of Jishi Hall and give him this place to run the medical school. …”

  Charlie wade said curiously, “Divine Doctor Simmons, it sounds to me like the other party is obviously setting a trap for you to exploit, with your style of acting, you shouldn’t fall for this kind of trick! “

  Simmons’s face reddened and he struggled for a long time before he lamented, “Master Wade, I’m not going to lie! I thought that if I could win that pot for you, it would ease the burden of your future pill-making.” “I didn’t expect that I would mess up.