Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5346

Charlie wade used his fastest speed to get to Aurous Hill University.

  This time, he did not drive in, but parked his car in the car park near Aurous Hill University, and then walked into the campus.

  He clearly remembered that the last time the ring had jumped at Aurous Hill University, it was on his way to drive away from here.

  So Charlie wade put the ring on his hand and walked unhurriedly all the way to the Academic Affairs Building of Aurous Hill University.

  On this journey, he was very careful to feel the movement of the ring with every step he took.

  However, to his great disappointment, the ring did not respond all the way over.

  Charlie wade muttered in his heart, “Last time, it only reacted on the way out, could it be that this thing still recognises the direction?”

  Thinking of this, he turned around again and retraced his steps along the way he had come, in reverse.

  But until he reached the school gate, the ring still did not give any reaction.

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed in his heart, thinking, “Didn’t you jump here last time? Why aren’t you jumping this time? Did you fall asleep or didn’t find the feeling? Or else I’ll take you to the underground garage of Townsend’s Ichiban to feel it again!”

  The ring didn’t give him any response, so he had no choice but to go back to the car park, prepare to get in his car and leave, and then go back to the underground car park on the upper floors of Townsend One to try his luck.

  He had just pulled out of the car park when his mobile phone suddenly rang, he picked it up and couldn’t help but be a little surprised as the person who had called was actually Simmons’s granddaughter, Xyla.

  He knew that Simmons had opened a medical school in Aurous Hill and was working with Xyla to help the world, but he hadn’t been to see the two grandchildren recently because he had a lot of things to do.

  Moreover, these two grandchildren seldom bothered him, so he thought it was because he was busy with the medical school, plus he did not want to influence himself too much, so he did not take the initiative to contact them.

  So now that Xyla suddenly called him, Charlie wade’s first thought was that she and her grandfather, Simmons, had run into some kind of trouble.

  So, he immediately picked up the phone and spoke, “Xyla, you haven’t called me for a while.”

  Xyla said in a somewhat sad voice, “Master Wade …… Xyla is calling to say goodbye to you ……”

  ”Say goodbye?” Charlie wade frowned and asked her, “What’s wrong? Is it because you and Dr. Simmons are in some kind of trouble?”

  ”Not really ……” Xyla sighed and said quietly, “It’s my grandfather he’s ready to close the medical school and go back to Eastcliff …… “

  ”Back to Eastcliff?” Charlie wade subconsciously asked her, “I seem to remember that divine Doctor Simmons said that he would settle in Aurous Hill from now on, this has only been here for a year or so, how come he suddenly wants to leave?”

  Xyla said in a vague tone, “This …… how to say it, is also grandfather’s own decision, I can’t help it …… he has now taken off the signboard of the medical school, thinking to leave tomorrow, originally he was not prepared to to tell you, because he felt he really had no face to say goodbye to you, and wanted to wait until after he left to call you to make amends …… but …… but ……”

  Xyla said, suddenly whimpered and choked, “But Xyla couldn’t let go of …… Aurous Hill and Master Wade …… so he called to ask you to persuade Grandpa again ……”

  Charlie wade said without thinking, “Xyla you don’t cry first, tell me where you are now?”

  ”Still at the Medical Center ……,” Xyla choked out, “Grandfather plans to pack everything up tonight.”