Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5345

  If we compare aura to electricity and this ring to a battery, then we can see at a glance the unusual aspects of this.

  Normally, a battery of the same size would be no more than an ordinary button battery, and the amount of power it could store could be said to be minuscule; a few hundred mAh would already touch the peak of battery technology at this stage.

  But right now this ring is like a button battery charged with thousands, if not tens of thousands of kilowatt-hours of power!

  So this raises a question.

  Such a huge amount of energy, according to the law of conservation of energy, could never have vanished for nothing, so it must have been stored or transformed by the ring in some way.

  But how on earth did it do that? And where did it store all this energy?

  Although Charlie wade could not figure out these two questions for a while, he could figure out one thing, and that was that this ring was actually able to devour such a powerful aura, which proved that it was definitely not a mundane object, and had even gone beyond Charlie wade’s understanding of things.

  Charlie wade was naturally scratching his heart as he held such a divine weapon in his hand but had been unable to pry into its mysteries.

  Charlie wade also tried to send some spiritual energy into it again, but it still reacted the same as before, accepting all his spiritual energy and sinking into the sea, not giving any response.

  The more he did so, the more puzzled Charlie wade became about this thing.

  But nowadays, he did not dare to recklessly send spiritual energy into the ring, so he could only hold the ring and examine it repeatedly, trying to find out the mystery of this ring.

  However, the ring was a plain ring without any patterns or inscriptions, and the surface was so smooth that there was not even a small puddle.

  Just when Charlie wade was at a loss, Zayne Banks called him.

  On the phone, after Zayne Banks made a respectful courtesy, he said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, actually I am calling you this time because I have a request, and I hope you can grant it.”

  Charlie wade then said, “Let’s hear it first.”

  Zayne Banks said, “Mr. Wade, I would like to ask you to be the witness of my wedding with Yingxiu …… We both could not have come this far without your help, Mr. Wade, and to both of us, you are our greatest benefactor, so it is more than appropriate to ask you to be the witness, and I also hope you can beat ……”

  ”Okay, I promise you.”

  To this request from Zayne Banks, Charlie wade agreed after only a slight hesitation.

  He felt that since Zayne Banks had begged him for this matter, he should give him this face even if it was for the sake of the two sisters, Zara Banks and Xion Banks, without looking at the face of the monk, not to mention that there were no outsiders at this wedding, it was just the Banks family, the He family, and the Ito family.

  Zayne Banks, who originally thought that Charlie wade might not agree, was relieved to hear Charlie wade’s affirmative answer and thanked him profusely before hanging up the phone.

  Charlie wade put the phone aside, his gaze returned to the ring, and he couldn’t help but mutter: “Old Tie, you have cheated me of so much aura one after another, without saying a word of thanks or giving any reaction from the beginning to the end, I won’t bother with you about that, just can you tell me why you suddenly and inexplicably jumped last time at Aurous Hill University and this time at Thomson’s First Class? ? Could it be that these two places, made you feel something?”

  After muttering a bit, the ring naturally did not move at all.

  Remembering something, Charlie wade added, “Then if I were to take you back to the same place, would you still give the same reaction?”

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade’s eyes immediately lit up, and without saying a word, he put the ring into his pocket and immediately drove to Aurous Hill University!”