Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5340

  Zara Banks said, “Mom, you can say anything!”

  Deana said seriously, “In a family business, it is normal to use your own family members for important positions, but you must be objective and impartial, and you must be fair in all matters.

  Zara Banks nodded heavily: “Don’t worry, mum, I’ll make a note of it!”


  Three o’clock in the afternoon.

  A direct flight to Hong Kong Island took off at Aurous Hill Airport.

  The thoughtful Manqiong sat on the plane, looking out of the window at the increasingly distant Aurous Hill, and couldn’t help but think of the time when she met Charlie wade in Hong Kong Island.

  The chance sight of Charlie wade walking with Nana-chan today, although it made her heart feel inferior for a short while, did not affect the strong love for Charlie wade in her heart in any way.

  Now, all she can think about is how fast time will pass in the future. She can’t wait for the day when Aurous Hill University starts, and she has even decided that after the school year starts, she will call Charlie wade to inform him that she is coming to Aurous Hill for business and ask him to come out to meet her, and when they meet, she will tell him that she has joined Aurous Hill University.

  And Manqiong was prepared for the worst, even if Charlie wade was unhappy when he found out, or even wished he had left Aurous Hill, he didn’t care, he was also coming to this world for the first time to experience life, and when he met someone he liked, he just wanted to be closer to him, and no one could persuade him.

  Just as her plane was gradually flying away from Aurous Hill, another plane slowly landed on the runway of Aurous Hill Airport.

  This plane had taken off from Madagascar in Africa and had flown 10,000 kilometres all the way to Aurous Hill, and the passenger on board was the old man of the Banks family, Lord Banks, who was already a large landowner in Madagascar.

  He had received an invitation from his son, Zayne Banks, and had come all the way from Madagascar to attend the wedding.

  When he found out that his son was getting married to He Yingxiu, Lord Banks’s first thought was surprise, and his second thought, relief.

  The relief was not because he was satisfied with He Yingxiu, but because he was not used to seeing his son licking the dog in front of Deana for so many years.

  Everyone knew that Deana had agreed to marry Zayne Banks because he had begged Bruce wade but was unable to do so. At first, he also wanted to stop his son from marrying Deana, after all, he was also a man who wanted to save face and was afraid of being teased for treating his son as a treasure even though he had picked up something that others did not want.

  However, in the end, he could not resist Zayne Banks, who only wanted to marry Deana, and finally he could only acquiesce to the marriage.

  But the old man had never been able to untie this knot in his heart for so many years.

  Now that his son has finally ended his marriage of more than 20 years to Deana and married He Yingxiu, who loves him with all his heart, in the eyes of the old man, this is the best place for Zayne Banks right now.

  After more than 20 years of sharing a bed with a woman who did not love him, it was time to change to someone who loved him.

  However, if you look deeper, the old man also feels that this matter is not perfect. As far as he can remember, He Yingxiu is disabled, which is a bit of an understatement, and the fact that the Banks family’s first grandmother is missing an arm is not so good when you think about it.