Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5337

He was able to spare Zayne Banks and make him whole, not to mention a mere Fitz Banks.

  The latter had a bicycle and the route was through the most economically developed areas of China, so as long as he was not blind and pedaled on the highway, there was basically no danger to his life.

  However, Fitz Banks was different, as the environment was getting harsher and harsher all the way to the west, and there were dangers everywhere if he was not careful. If he did not protect him secretly, how could he explain to Deana and Zara Banks in case he died on the way.

  Fitz Banks also knew that Charlie wade was not really being kind to him when he asked people to protect him, but for the sake of his mother and sister.

  But even so, he was still grateful to Charlie wade and to him for making him come to his senses from his former fop.

  Therefore, he said to Charlie wade with immense devotion, “Mr. Wade, no matter what your motives are, I still thank you for your rebuilding grace!”

  Charlie wade looked at him and said indifferently, “It seems that you have also come to your senses and returned from the prodigal son, so if you don’t want to continue this time, the pilgrimage can be terminated.”

  When Charlie wade said this, Fitz Banks and the mother and daughter duo of Deana and Zara Banks, all looked surprised.

  Fitz Banks thought that his ears were out of order, he never dreamed that Charlie wade would allow him to terminate the pilgrimage, knowing that he had only walked a third of the way, and it was the easiest third, the remaining two thirds were the harshest challenge, as the altitude became higher and higher, the road behind would become more and more difficult, it was no exaggeration to say that if he terminated it now, at least 80% of the ordeal could be spared.

  Charlie wade did not say this out of pure sincerity.

  He just wanted to see if Fitz Banks had really changed his ways.

  If he could really change his ways and decide to abandon everything he had done before, then he would definitely choose to continue on this pilgrimage path.

  But if he still had his heart in the right place, then he would definitely seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  The reason why Charlie wade was testing him so much was that he wanted to use this to decide whether or not to allow Fitz Banks to return to the decision-making level of the Banks family in the future.

  Although the current head of the Banks family was Zara Banks, it was impossible for Zara Banks to run the entire Banks family by herself. Zara Banks was like a chairman of a group company with supreme decision making power and veto power, she could not do all the core things herself, so she still needed many core executive positions under her to help her run the entire Banks family’s industries.

  A large group of companies, under the chairman, there are at least a number of executive directors, an executive president, and each company under the group, also need a set of management team, these core positions, is equivalent to the frontier officials, in the hands of a great deal of power, so there must be trusted people in charge, in order to avoid management failure to the maximum extent.

  Her father has been under house arrest by the He family and cannot intervene in the affairs of the Banks family. The old man, Lord Banks, has also left for Madagascar, and Deana has also divorced Zayne Banks, so it is naturally not convenient for her to have any further involvement with the Banks Group.

  Therefore, if Fitz Banks could manage to completely change his ways, Charlie wade still hoped that he could return to the Banks family and be of use to Zara Banks.

  It was because of this thought that Charlie wade decided to give Fitz Banks a real test.

  If Fitz Banks passed this test, he would not stop him from becoming the number two person in the Banks family.