Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5335

  After a long time, Charlie wade withdrew his thoughts before he almost burst into tears, held back his tears and said to Deana with a smile, “Auntie Deana must have taken a lot of trouble to clean up this house ……”

  Deana nodded and smiled, and said, “It took a lot of effort, but it was also enjoyable.”

  Saying that, Deana pointed to the set of rustic old leather sofas and said to Charlie wade, “Sit down and rest for a while!”

  ”Okay!” Charlie wade nodded and sat down before he couldn’t help but sigh: “Auntie Deana, this sofa is basically no different from the kind of sofa I had when I was a child …… Can you still buy this style of sofa now?”

  Deana laughed: “When we were young, leather sofas basically looked like this, unless those imported from Europe and the United States would look a bit more flashy, but this kind of sofa can’t be bought now, I specifically asked someone to make it by hand.”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly and could not help but sigh in his heart, “Auntie Deana is really meticulous, and she also really knows Dad well, and her vision in many places is very similar to his ……”

  After the emotion, Charlie wade intentionally digressed and looked at Fitz Banks at the side and opened his mouth to ask, “Young Master Banks, it should have been a hard time over the past six months, right?”

  Fitz Banks subconsciously stood up and said respectfully, “Back to Mr. Wade, it wasn’t hard …… I would also like to thank you for your enlightenment, if it wasn’t for you, I might still be the same uneducated fop by now …… “

  Charlie wade asked him, “I made you kneel all the way to the pilgrimage, do you not hate me at all in your heart?”

  Fitz Banks said truthfully, “Back to Mr. Wade, at first for a month, I hated you to the bone every moment, and even imagined in my heart that if one day I could be stronger than you, I would make you pay back ten times or a hundred times, but …… after a month, I gradually understood your good intentions ……”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “My good intentions? In the eyes of many people, I am a vicious person who often comes up with strange and bizarre ways to punish others, they are afraid they would hate to kill me, why are you the only one who says I have good intentions?”

  Fitz Banks said sincerely: “In fact, you have plenty of ways to punish me, even if it takes my life, no one can do anything to you, not to mention that my life itself was saved by you in Japan in the first place, but you still gave me another way to live, and also gave me a chance to return to the lost path …… “

  said, Fitz Banks pursed his lips in silence for a moment and added: “Moreover, I know that you have actually always sent people to protect me in secret, I have been in danger of my life several times in the past six months, and eventually I was able to turn the danger into peace, it must be because of your help behind the scenes.”

  Charlie wade did not say anything, but Zara Banks, who was on the side, asked in surprise, “Brother, what kind of life dangers have you encountered? How come I didn’t hear you talk about it?”

  Fitz Banks said, “The second month of my departure, I began to treat this pilgrimage sincerely, so I dismissed the entourage that Mr. Wade had specially approved me to take with me in the first place, intending to really walk to the end …… by myself.”

  ”When I fell ill after a rain shower, I stayed in a farmhouse, as many pilgrims do along the way, so I didn’t feel bad about it ……”

  ”As a result, the couple took advantage of my high fever and almost coma and tried to sell me to a local kiln owner of a black brick kiln;”

  ”Hearing the two of them say that a four-legged adult can be sold for 20,000 yuan, while the normal recruitment of a worker to burn the kiln would cost at least three to four thousand yuan a month, the kiln owner would buy the person back and just squeeze for more than half a year to make back his capital, and the rest would be pure profit;”