Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5334

As Charlie wade pushed and exchanged gla*ses with Ito Yohiko and Tanaka Koichi, Nana-chan stood by and kept refilling his wine.

  Interestingly, Nana-chan only refilled Charlie wade’s wine, Emi Ito only refilled Yohiko Ito’s wine, and Koichi Tanaka, on the other hand, had to refill his own wine.

  The so-called “Dragon’s Whistle” was not very good in Charlie wade’s opinion. Apart from the pure rice flavour, it was really lacking in taste, and if you wanted to feel slightly drunk, it had to be at least forty proof.

  However, since it was a national treasure brought all the way from Ito Yuhiko, Charlie wade naturally gave his face.

  Including the top quality seafood sashimi prepared by Emi Ito, Charlie wade also continued to praise it.

  But what was actually in his mind was that the sashimi itself had little flavour, what he ate was just the texture of the different fish, and after dipping it in soy sauce and wasabi, the overall taste was actually not too different.

  This is very similar to hotpot, where all you eat is the taste of the base and the dipping sauce.

  After having lunch at the Ito family’s new residence, Charlie wade chatted with Yohiko Ito for a while before getting up to leave.

  He had previously told Zara Banks that he would visit Deana’s home, so naturally he could not go back on his word.

  Although he had drunk a lot of sake with the two of them, it was good that he had his aura with him, and before he left, he used his aura to remove all the alcohol before he drove to the old mansion of his family back then.

  Fitz Banks had changed into clean clothes, shaved and tied up his shoulder-length hair, making him look much quieter and sharper.

  Zara Banks sat on the sofa, keeping an eye on the movement outside the courtyard, wanting to be able to see Charlie wade when he arrived.

  And when the BMW car driven by Charlie wade slowly stopped at the entrance of the courtyard, Zara Banks’s whole body was instantly happy and she hurriedly said to her mother and brother, “Mr. Wade is here!”

  After saying that, she had already stood up and ran towards the door.

  Deana and Fitz Banks also hurriedly got up and followed behind them to welcome them.

  By the time Charlie wade got out of the car, these three people had already walked to the door one after the other.

  Zara Banks pulled open the vintage iron grille door, a little blushing, yet not forgetting to say respectfully, “Mr. Wade you’re here!”

  Fitz Banks also said very respectfully, “Mr. Wade ……”

  Deana, on the other hand, was not as formal as the two of them, she was like seeing her best friend’s child and said cordially, “Charlie wade is here, come inside!”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly and said respectfully, “Hello Auntie Deana, it’s been a while since I visited you, how are you doing?”

  Deana said with a smile, “I’m fine, the environment in Aurous Hill is becoming more comfortable for me to live in, and I don’t have as many worries as before these days, so I’m still very comfortable.”

  Charlie wade nodded, “That’s good! I wasn’t in Aurous Hill during that time, but I shouldn’t be going out during this recent period, so if you need any help with anything in Aurous Hill, just contact me anytime.”

  ”Good!” Deana didn’t overdo the courtesy and agreed with a smile, and then invited Charlie wade into his home.

  Entering this old mansion, Charlie wade couldn’t help but have a feeling of being in a different world.

  When his own parents had rented this old mansion, they had also done a careful restoration, just like now, and although it still looked so rustic, it managed to give people a feeling of newness.

  After twenty years of inactivity, this old mansion had also once been dilapidated, but after Deana’s careful restoration, it all seemed to have returned to the state it was in twenty years ago.

  For a moment, Charlie wade even felt like he was seven or eight years old again, when his parents had just settled down in Aurous Hill and the family was living here in a dull but happy way.

  When Deana saw Charlie wade looking around, his whole body was already a bit lost in thought, so he intentionally did not say anything more, but let Charlie wade take a good look and think back on his own.