Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5333

  Most people can’t understand why the top tycoons are so extravagant that a meal with tens of thousands of dollars of ingredients doesn’t matter to them, and a bottle of wine that costs tens of thousands of dollars is worth nothing more than the sound it makes when they open it.

  The main reason for this is that they are so rich, so much money that it is impossible to spend it all in several lifetimes without racking their brains to do so.

  In other words, if he spends US$100,000 on a meal, his expenditure as a percentage of his total worth is the same as an ordinary person spending ten dollars on a bowl of noodles in vegetarian soup.

  Although Charlie wade was also very rich, money didn’t mean much to him, and he had never been in the habit of spending extravagantly, so after listening to Emi Ito’s introduction, he nodded slightly and smiled, “Ms. Ito has worked hard, I’m not that spiteful, so a casual home-cooked meal is fine, no need to be so extravagant.”

  Nanae Ito said with a smile, “Charlie wade-kun’s mouth is not that tricky, but my father’s mouth is very tricky! These ingredients aren’t just for Charlie wade-kun alone either, even if you don’t come to the house as a guest, Auntie will prepare these for him, and every year just the cost of his own meals costs several million dollars, it’s totally confusing what he eats, and these kinds of ingredients are honestly more of a gimmick than a reality in my opinion.”

  Ito Yohiko laughed and said, “Nana-chan, everything in this world, as long as you pursue it to the extreme, you can call it the Way. You love the Way of Flowers, so you will do everything you can to buy the most expensive flowers. tens of thousands, and the combination of the best flowers, with the best vessels, and in the most elaborate way, becomes the way of flowers, but a hundred dollars a bouquet from a roadside florist will never have anything to do with the way of flowers for the rest of your life;”

  ”And tea, ordinary people make a cup of tea, or make a tea bag, or make a tea bag and then mix it with milk, these can only be considered as drinking tea, only with top quality tea leaves, top quality tea sets, with the most elaborate brewing method, can be called the way of tea!”

  ”I don’t know the way of flowers or the way of tea, but I know the way of food! That means eating the best ingredients and drinking the most expensive and good wine!”

  Nanaeko Ito spat out her tongue and deliberately teased him, “If you crave, just say you crave, why boast so much ……”

  Ito Yohiko laughed heartily and immediately took a bottle of sake with “XIV Generation” written on it and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, this is not the ordinary Daiji Shangzhu Bai, it’s the top quality Dragon’s Whistle Nine Days, even the Prime Minister, I’m afraid, doesn’t have the chance to smell it! “

  ”Dragon Whistling Nine Heavens ……” Charlie wade’s mouth twitched, awkwardly smiled sarcastically and asked him, “Why such a middle-cla*s name …… “

  Ito Yohiko laughed: “This is the ritual unique to Japanese brands, first regardless of whether something is good or bad, it must be packaged with a name that is high end, preferably so that someone can’t understand it, he will think it’s professional! The terms in sake could write a book if you took them out, the well-known brands and series are Black Dragon, Dragon Gin, Dragon Spring, and this Dragon Whistling Nine Days is the ceiling in the ceiling.”

  Charlie wade looked at him and asked a question, “Mr. Ito, tell me from your heart, is this sake good?”

  ”Is it good …… good?” Ito Yohiko was in deep thought for a moment, thought about it and said very seriously, “To be honest Mr. Wade, this stuff is far worse than even Coke in terms of taste alone.”

  After saying that, he hurriedly added: “But this sake, after all, is Japan’s national treasure! The wine that the Europeans make from raw, rotten grapes is, to be honest, not as good as grape juice, but it’s also their national treasure!”

  Charlie wade nodded with understanding and smiled, “Then it seems that this Japanese sake, French red wine, and our maiden stomping on the wine song, all have the same characteristics.”

  Ito Yohiko laughed heartily and clapped his hands, “Mr. Wade is right!”

  After saying that, he took the initiative to pour a cup of sake for Charlie wade and said with a smile, “But Mr. Wade, although the wine is not good, the feeling of being slightly drunk is really something that nothing else can give, so let Tanaka also accompany us to drink a little less, so that we can have more fun while drinking and talking!”