Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5332

When Charlie wade saw Yohiko Ito again, he found that he was in a very good state.

  Having his legs back meant more to him than life, and made him appreciate the present moment even more.

  When he saw Charlie wade, Ito Yohiko was enthusiastic and respectful. He personally came out to welcome Charlie wade and poured tea and water for him, and although he was busy, he could not hide his excitement.

  Although he was busy, he could not hide his excitement. Koichi Tanaka, who was at the side, was even more respectful to the extent that he could not help but maintain a ninety-degree bending and bowing posture.

  Charlie wade greeted the two men and curiously surveyed the house while saying with a smile, “I’ve lived in Townsend One for so long, but this is the first time I’ve come up to this high floor.”

  Saying this, he looked through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room at the rolling river outside and exclaimed, “What a great view here! Mr Tanaka has a good eye.”

  On the side, Tanaka Koichi said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I originally wanted to buy the top floor upstairs, but unfortunately it was bought by a lady a few minutes late, if I could buy the top floor, the view would have been better!”

  Charlie wade nodded with a smile and said, “This is not bad at all. If I had known that the view was so good, I should have come here and bought a flat.”

  Ito Nana-chan said, “Charlie wade-kun can come over more often in the future, let Tanaka-san take a fingerprint for you later, just treat this place as your own home, if we are not here and you want to be alone for a while, you can also come up anytime.”

  Charlie wade was slightly stunned, not knowing for a moment whether to refuse or accept.

  At that moment, when Tanaka Koichi saw that Charlie wade was a little hesitant, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, actually there is no need to take fingerprints so much trouble, the room code is the lady’s birthday.”

  Charlie wade looked at Nana-chan, and only then did he realise that he did not know Nana-chan’s birthday after knowing her for so long.

  This was mainly because they hadn’t seen each other much in the time they had known each other, and Charlie wade himself didn’t pay much attention to birthdays, he couldn’t even remember to celebrate his own sometimes and had to be reminded by others.

  She had never told him what day her birthday was, or when her birthday was, and so on.

  As she knew that she didn’t know what day her birthday was, she said shyly, “Charlie wade-kun, my birthday only comes around once every four years ……”

  Charlie wade suddenly realized and said offhandedly, “Then I know ……2 the 29th of February ……”

  ”Mmm ……” Nana-chan nodded shyly, her big eyes looking at him with affection, and asked, “Charlie wade-kun should know what year I am in, right?”

  Charlie wade was busy saying, “Know know know …… this know ……”

  Tanaka Koichi smiled and said, “Then Mr. Wade knows what the room code is!”

  At this moment, Ito Yohiko’s sister, Ito Emi, had already prepared a sumptuous table of Japanese cuisine.

  Wearing a kimono, Emi Ito paced up and down to Charlie wade’s side, put her hands down in front of her and bowed respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I have prepared the best Japanese cuisine for you, the ingredients are the highest end seafood that I ordered to be bought this morning and sent directly to the airport with us to China. The sea urchins, oysters, snapper and bluefin tuna are the best you can find in the Japanese market.

  Ito Yohiko said with a smile, “Mr. Wade, Megumi’s specialty is sashimi, and her sensitivity to ingredients is much better than those so-called three-Michelin-star chefs, and I’m afraid that the ingredients she comes into contact with on a regular basis are not something that those three-Michelin-star chefs have the opportunity to see.”

  After saying that, he pointed to the tuna sashimi in the exquisite dinner plate and said to Charlie wade: “Mr. Wade, these sashimi, are the meat on the two gills of the Blue Flag tuna, this fish is auctioned at three million dollars, but just this little bit of meat on the two gills costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, which translates to tens of thousands of dollars for a piece, even the best Michelin restaurants won’t have them. “

  Yohiko Ito is not talking out of his a*s. In the kind of paper-drenched society that Japan has, the really top-end items can be ridiculously expensive.

  The highest record for a bluefin tuna at auction, one once bought for several million dollars, and most of the meat from such a fish goes to high-end restaurants, as if a restaurant high enough to eat this top quality ingredient could get one of its pieces at a restaurant for a hundred dollars.

  But what really happens is that the meat from the two cheeks of a tuna like this simply doesn’t make it to the back of any restaurant, having long been cut off in advance by top gourmets like the Ito family who throw their money around.