Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5330

Ito Nanaeko originally followed behind Charlie wade, when she saw Charlie wade suddenly stop and frown, she hurriedly asked him, “Charlie wade-kun, what’s wrong with you?”

  Charlie wade said with a confused expression, “I don’t know ……”

  Saying that, he subconsciously pulled out the ring.

  When this thing was between his two fingers, it was still shaking like a Parkinson’s patient, but when Charlie wade took it out, it gradually returned to calm and became motionless again.

  Charlie wade was even more puzzled and wondered, “What the hell are you smoking? Are you hungry again? Trying to cheat Laozi’s aura again?”

  When Ito Nanaeko saw him looking at the ring in his hand with a puzzled face, she couldn’t help but ask again, “Charlie wade-kun, what’s so special about this ring?”

  Charlie wade came back to his senses and casually laughed, “Nothing special, it’s just that I picked up such a broken thing in the walkway earlier, and now I’ve been hesitating whether to throw it away.”

  Ito Nana-chan pursed her lips and guffawed, “Then why don’t you give it to the police, you can still collect the lost and found, and maybe you can even find its original owner.”

  Charlie wade suddenly remembered the girl he had inadvertently saved in Northern Europe, smiled and casually said, “Its owner should not remember it anymore.”

  After saying that, he put it back into his pocket and said to Nana-chan, “Forget about it, let’s go, that lift hall in front of us is the building number that Mr. Tanaka sent.”

  By now, Sister Xian was driving the nanny car out of the basement.

  The moment the car pulled out of the basement and the sun shone through the front gla*s, the two women in the back row let out a long breath at the same time, saying in their hearts, “That was close!

  Both of them were nervous because they had suddenly seen Charlie wade just now, but the difference was that Lin Wan’er had completely relaxed by now, but Manqiong’s heart was more or less sour.

  She didn’t know who the woman walking beside Charlie wade just now really was, but he subconsciously thought that that woman should be Charlie wade’s wife.

  And Ito Nanaeko’s beauty and temperament were almost invincible among Asian women in general.

  If it is said that Lin Wan’er has the most authentic Chinese cla*sical beauty, then Ito Nanaeko’s body everywhere embodies the special kind of Japanese Yamato Nadeshiko’s intellectual and submissive beauty to the fullest.

  Even though Manqiong was already an absolute leader among the new generation of young women on Hong Kong Island, she still could not help but feel inferior in front of Nadeshiko Ito.

  At the thought that Charlie wade’s wife was so outstanding, she naturally felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

  And Lin Wan’er, who was at the side, took in her performance and the subtle changes in her expression.

  When the car had not come out of the basement just now, she had not dared to speak because she knew that Charlie wade possessed aura and her senses must be very strong, and was afraid that she would be overheard by Charlie wade if she spoke.

  However, now that the car had come out, she completely put her mind at ease, so she deliberately flirted with Manqiong and said, “Sister Manqiong, what’s wrong with you? You’re still fine, why do you suddenly seem to be not looking well?”

  Manqiong hurriedly said, “Yes? Maybe …… maybe I’m just too hungry ……”

  Lin Wan’er deliberately teased her, “I thought you were moved by looking at that handsome guy outside the car just now!”

  ”Ah?!” Manqiong’s heart beat too fast in shock and said in a hurry, “Which …… how could it be …… I didn’t even pay attention to see where there was a handsome guy …… “

  Lin Wan’er casually said, “It is just in the basement, from our car next to walk past the handsome man ah, quite tall, also very handsome.”

  ”Yes …… is it ……” Manqiong said in a panic: “I didn’t see it ah, just now a little lost in thought… …”