Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5329

  Although Lin Wan’er had come to Aurous Hill just to find Charlie wade, she was not ready to meet him at the moment, so she was not willing to come to Tangchen Yipin.

  Fortunately, the back of this nanny car was very private, so she sat in the car on the pretext of not feeling well and waited for Manqiong to come down.

  When Manqiong got out of the lift lobby, Sister Xian opened the electric sliding door on the right side of the back row. Manqiong stepped into the car and said to the two of them with a smile, “Sorry for keeping you waiting, let’s go.”

  Lin Wan’er breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “It wasn’t that long, it was only five or six minutes.”

  Manqiong nodded and asked her with concern, “But didn’t you have a stomachache just now? How are you feeling now?”

  Lin Wan’er busily said, “I feel better already, nothing should happen.”

  Manqiong laughed, “Maybe your period is coming soon, what is your usual period date?”

  Lin Wan’er said slightly embarra*sed, “The one I have …… pretty much starts on these two days of every month ……”

  ”No wonder.” Manqiong, with the look of a person who has come over, said with a smile, “Make sure to drink more hot water today to avoid catching a cold, and also avoid strenuous exercise.”

  ”Okay, okay.” Lin Wan’er hastily replied twice, and then said to Sister Xian, “Sister Xian let’s go back quickly, I’m already hungry.”

  Sister Xian nodded and smiled, “It will only take us ten minutes to go back, we can eat when we get home.”

  Saying that, she started the nanny car and prepared to drive out of the basement.

  At this time, Charlie wade had already parked the BMW he was driving in an empty parking space not far in front of the nanny car. Since Tanaka Koichi had not bothered to buy a title parking space when he bought the house, Charlie wade could only park his car in the temporary parking area specially set aside by the property.

  The biggest drawback of the temporary parking area was that it was generally far away from the lift entrance.

  So once he had parked his car he joined Nanaiko Ito and followed the signs in the garage to find the location of the lift lobby.

  Charlie wade had lived in Townsend First for such a long time, but today was the first time he went to an underground garage in a high-rise area. As for Nanaiko Ito, who was beside him, it was the first time she had even been to Townsend First, so neither of them was familiar with the route, so they could only follow the address sent by Koichi Tanaka and look for the building number as indicated.

  As the two walked side by side head on towards the lift lobby, they happened to come face to face with the nanny car driven by Sister Xian.

  The car was very dark, making it impossible to see inside, but the view from inside to outside was very clear.

  Manqiong saw Charlie wade and his sidekick, Ito Nanae, at first glance, and since she had never dreamed of meeting him by chance, she gave a startled cry.

  Lin Wan’er was just relieved that Sister Xian was driving away, but she was surprised by Manqiong’s sudden cry of alarm, which startled her, who had been on edge all along.

  She was about to ask Manqiong what was wrong, but the next moment she looked in the direction of Manqiong’s gaze and also saw Charlie wade walking alongside Ito Nana-chan.

  In this instant, Lin Wan’er’s expression was incomparably shocked and she immediately closed her mouth, then subconsciously covered her mouth and nose with both hands for fear of being discovered by Charlie wade.

  Her subconscious mind felt that she could not, no matter what, let Charlie wade discover her.

  And at that moment, Sister Xian had already driven past Charlie wade, and outside the car, Charlie wade subconsciously pulled a handful of Cai Cai Zi and told her to hide behind herself so that she would not be touched by the car.

  This thoughtful little gesture of his made it clear to both women in the nanny car.

  At this moment, Sister Xian subconsciously asked, “Miss Liu, are you all right?”

  Manqiong subconsciously shook her head, and while she couldn’t control looking back at Charlie wade’s back, she whispered less naturally, “Sister Xian, drive quickly, I’m hungry too ……”

  At this moment, Charlie wade, who was side by side with Ito Nanaiko, suddenly felt a strong beating in his pocket again, he subconsciously covered his trouser pocket with his hand, frowned slightly and thought to himself, “Strange, why is this damn ring twitching again?”