Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5328

“Eight months?”

  Zara Banks exclaimed, “If we want to reach the Da Zhao Monastery in eight months, wouldn’t we have to travel at least eight or nine kilometres a day?”

  Fitz Banks nodded and said, “Eight or nine kilometres is a guarantee, and if you are in good condition and the weather is good you will have to travel more, so that you can have time to stop for a while longer when you pa*s by those majestic natural scenery.”

  Zara Banks couldn’t help but feel a sense of pain, but Deana turned to her and said, “Zara, your brother is taking a good bath, so let’s not disturb him.”

  Zara Banks nodded gently and said to Fitz Banks, “Brother, then you take a good bath first, we will wait for you outside.”

  Fitz Banks answered, and when Zara Banks closed the bathroom door, he took off his tattered clothes and prepared to take a good bath.

  But standing in front of the bathtub, looking at the clear warm water inside, he hesitated slightly, but took his dirty clothes and went to the side shower.

  He first put his dirty clothes on the floor, then turned on the shower and rinsed them off before starting to wash the dirt off his body a little.

  Zara Banks and her mother, Deana, had already arrived at the dining room. Both mother and daughter looked at each other and could see the complicated look in each other’s eyes.

  After a few moments of silence, Zara Banks was the first to speak: “Mom …… brother has really changed so much in these six months …… a lot of words came out of his mouth, I couldn’t believe he was really him, it was as if another soul had taken the place of his body the same ……”

  Deana smiled faintly and could not conceal his gratification, “I have told you before that everything in this world has its own destiny, although your brother has been a fop for the first 20 years or so, but nowadays it seems that his fate is to cleanse his heart.”

  I don’t know exactly what that change will be, but I believe it will be something that will make him a better person.”

  Zara Banks nodded gently and sighed, “It seems that brother’s hardships along the way have not been in vain, and if he has been able to follow the right path since then, then he really has to thank Mr. Wade’s thunderous methods ……”

  Deana said approvingly, “There are times when people just need to break and then stand, it’s just that some people grow up spoiled and too well protected, the people around him don’t want him to go through that process of breaking, so they do have to thank Charlie wade.”

  Zara Banks was busy saying, “Oh yes mum, Mr. Wade said that he would come over to visit after lunch.”

  Deana was slightly stunned and subconsciously asked her, “Charlie wade is coming?”

  ”Right.” Zara Banks nodded.

  ”Good.” Deana smiled and said, “Just in time to say thank you to him in person!”


  On the other side.

  Charlie wade drove his old husband’s BMW 530 and drove Ito Nana-chan to Townsend One.

  The houses in Tangchen Yipin were divided into two areas, the villa and the high rise. In the villa area, cars could drive directly into the ground, but in the high rise area, considering the relatively dense population, so the developer had made a pedestrian and vehicle separation, Charlie wade could only drive his car to the underground garage.

  Just as he drove into the underground garage, Manqiong happened to take the lift and came out of the lift lobby of the underground garage.

  Outside the lift lobby at this moment, an imported seven-seater nanny car was already waiting here.

  Sitting in the driver’s seat of the car was Sister Xian, the housekeeper of the Purple Mountain Villa, while sitting in the first cla*s seat on the left side of the second row was Lin Wan’er, an eighteen year old ancient style girl.

  The second and third rows of the nanny car were affixed with extremely deep one-way privacy films, so that the interior could not be seen from the outside at all.

  The reason why the two of them had come to Townsend One was because they had just accompanied Manqiong in the morning, to sign the contract at Aurous Hill University, and were originally going to go straight back to Zijinshanzhuang for lunch with Manqiong.

  But Manqiong had taken a huge pile of contracts, information, documents, work badges, access cards and many customised stationery from Aurous Hill University because she had collected them in a messy way at Aurous Hill University.

  There was no need for her to bring so much stuff back to Hong Kong Island, as it would not only be troublesome but also easy to lose and forget, so she suggested that Sister Xian should drive to Townsend First first and she should store all these things in her new room here.

  Lin Wan’er originally wanted to get on good terms with Manqiong, so she offered to accompany her to Golden University to sign the contract, but she didn’t expect that Manqiong would come to Tomson Yipin after signing the contract.