Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5326

The old town of Aurous Hill.

  The mansion that Charlie wade had lived in with his parents when he was young is now brand new.

  Deana, the mother of the two Banks siblings, has put a lot of effort into renovating and rebuilding the old mansion bit by bit, and although everything still looks the same as it did back then, it is as if time has been taken back 20 years.

  During the time she lived here, Deana lived a relaxed life every day, reading books, drinking tea, practising calligraphy and patiently tending to the flowers and trees in the courtyard.

  During this period of time, Fitz Banks had been on a pilgrimage and Zara Banks was often on the move for work, so she rarely had time to come back to spend with her, but for Deana, this solitary life was incredibly satisfying.

  Although she was also worried about Fitz Banks, she also knew that this was Charlie wade’s punishment for him, and that Charlie wade would not spare him lightly, but would also make sure that he was safe.

  This was not a judgement based on her knowledge of Charlie wade, but on her knowledge of Charlie wade’s father, Bruce Wade.

  Although he was a thunderbolt, he would also be kind and gentle, leaving no room for his real enemies, and would leave a chance for those who did not deserve to die.

  Her son had travelled a long way to the Da Zhao Monastery and was inevitably in danger, but it was because of her knowledge of Bruce Wade that she was convinced that Charlie wade would let her son return alive.

  And she was indeed correct in guessing that although Charlie wade was iron-handed and unforgiving when he told Fitz Banks to make the pilgrimage to the Da Zhaosi Temple, he had still instructed the Wade family to protect him secretly.

  And there was one more thing she had not guessed wrong, and that was that when she heard her daughter talk about wanting to beg Charlie wade to let her brother come back for her father’s wedding, she was convinced with certainty that Charlie wade would not refuse.

  At this moment, she was already prepared, with a change of clothes, a set of toiletries, a jar of warm water and a table of food, waiting for Fitz Banks’s arrival at home.

  Although she had always been calm in her heart, when she heard the sound of brakes outside her door, she pushed the door open with some difficulty to hide her excitement and ran out.

  Outside the door, Zara Banks’s car had just pulled up and the two siblings stepped out of the car together.

  Through the ironwork courtyard door, the moment Fitz Banks saw her mother, tears rolled down her face again.

  Deana couldn’t help but have red eyes too.

  Fitz Banks pushed open the door and stepped in front of his mother, suddenly kneeling down on both knees and crying, “Mom …… Fitz was wrong!”

  Deana was still distressed by her son’s despondent appearance, but when she saw her son suddenly kneel down and admit his mistake, she was also involuntarily stunned, and then hurriedly pulled him up, choking on her words, “Get up, you’re right, and mum never blamed you ……”

  The decision of Fitz Banks back then, Deana’s point of view, the same as his daughter Zara Banks.

  The luxury family is comparable to the ancient palace, Fitz Banks also did not plot against his mother and sister, but only stood against them for self-preservation and for the future, which is completely understandable and even tolerated.

  This is completely understandable and even tolerable. In ancient and modern times, they have seen many members of the royal family and sons of powerful families fight against each other because of their interests.

  At this moment, Fitz Banks was still kneeling on the ground, with tears streaming down his face, but he said in a loud and firm voice, “Fitz has no regard for the life and death of his mother and sister, but only wants his own future, this is unkind and unrighteous, disloyal and unfilial!”