Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5325

  Fitz Banks said with some urgency, “Zara …… it’s not good for mum to see me like this …… why don’t I find a place to take a shower first and then change my clothes… …”

  ”No need.” Zara Banks shook her head, “A full set of change of clothes, mum has already prepared for you, and also prepared a razor for you, you should hurry back with me ……”

  Fitz Banks was surprised and asked, “Mom knew that Mr. Wade would let me come back today? Is it possible that Ma went to beg Mr. Wade?”

  ”No.” Zara Banks shook her head and explained, “I was talking to mum yesterday about wanting to beg Mr. Wade today to see if he would be willing to temporarily let you come back for dad’s wedding, and mum said that as long as I asked, Mr. Wade would definitely say yes, so I bought all these things for you in advance yesterday afternoon.”

  Fitz Banks faintly froze, then nodded and sighed, “It seems that mum guessed that Mr. Wade would be open to my net ……”

  Zara Banks nodded and hurriedly urged, “Brother, let’s get in the car and talk about it, don’t make mum too anxious to wait.”

  Saying that, Zara Banks thanked the Wade family men who were accompanying her and led her brother to her car.

  Looking at Zara Banks’s clean and tidy Volvo sedan, Fitz Banks said with some formality, “Zara, brother is dirty and smelly, he will definitely get your car dirty ……”

  Zara Banks pulled open the car door and pushed him inside, saying seriously, “Brother, we are blood brother and sister, no car is more important than you.”

  After saying that, she hurried back to the driver’s seat and drove away from the airport.

  On the road, Zara Banks asked him, “Brother, how was your journey? Tired?”

  ”Not tired.” Fitz Banks shook his head and said seriously, “At the beginning, I felt very tired, I hated the way I was exhausted every day, but then I quickly adapted to it, to be honest, with the sudden interruption, I myself was a bit uncomfortable, this whole journey on the plane just now was quite torturous.”

  Zara Banks couldn’t help but be a little surprised, he didn’t expect his brother, who had always been pampered, to be able to adapt to such a gruelling pilgrimage.

  Fitz Banks continued, “I used to not be able to stick to anything, sometimes I thought smoking was really hard on my respiratory tract and wanted to quit but it was hard to stick to it for a morning; sometimes I wanted to go to the gym on a whim, but I gave up before I lasted two days; sometimes I wanted to settle down and learn something useful for myself, but none of it was I’ve never really stuck with it. ……”

  The first few days of the pilgrimage were not that difficult, but only the first few days, and as long as the first few days of the pilgrimage, it would not be that difficult. I’ve gradually adapted to it, and I’ve also quit smoking, and I’ve kept going every day without any distractions, and my whole physical and spiritual state is much better.

  Zara Banks was dumbfounded as she listened.

  She had never dreamed that her lazy, foppy brother had undergone a transformative change after these six months of training.

  The uneducated, arrogant and domineering young man had quickly faded away, and in his place was a humble and resolute man.

  This suddenly brought a little more relief and joy to her heart, which was still a little sad!