Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5324

When Zara Banks heard Charlie wade say that he was going to visit her home, a surge of joy finally came over her heart, and then she nodded gratefully and said, “Okay Mr. Wade, then I will first pick up my brother, and then wait for you at my mother’s set of mansions.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade nodded slightly and said to Isaac Cameron, “Old Cameron, make the arrangements, and bring Young Master Banks to meet Miss Banks once he gets off the plane.”

  Without thinking, Isaac Cameron said, “Don’t worry Young Master, I will arrange it right away.”

  Charlie wade nodded and then said to Zara Banks, “Miss Banks should go to the airport first, we’ll see you this afternoon.”

  ”See you in the afternoon Mr. Wade!”

  After saying goodbye to Charlie wade, Zara Bankse drove impatiently to the airport.

  Although Fitz Banks had chosen to fall back on his grandfather, Lord Banks, after his family was in danger, Zara Banks did not blame him in her heart.

  In fact, Zara Banks knew his brother’s character very well. He was not a bad person, but he had been spoiled for too many years and was really lacking in commitment.

  If his brother did not show his loyalty to him, he would definitely drive him out of the family and completely deprive him of the chance to inherit the Banks family in the future.

  This was naturally unacceptable to the spoilt Fitz Banks.

  Although Zara Banks was not very old, she knew the truth that mountains are easy to change, but nature is hard to change, and she could understand why her brother made that choice under those circumstances.

  She knew without having to see him that he must have gone through a lot of hardship, so she, as a sister, was naturally very distressed.

  Today, Charlie wade was kind enough to let her brother come back, and Zara Banks couldn’t wait to see him sooner.

  When Zara Banks drove to the airport, the plane Fitz Banks was on had already landed.

  Although Fitz Banks’s clothes were already ragged and in disrepair, the Wade family had not prepared a decent outfit for him, so they had to pick him up for the time being.

  The Wade family’s staff sent Fitz Banks straight out of the airport to meet Zara Banks, thanks to the coordination of Isaac Cameron.

  At this moment, Zara Banks parked her car at the roadside and sat in it, waiting anxiously. When she saw several staff members, surrounded by a man like a beggar, walking out of the airport quickly, she immediately recognised her brother.

  She didn’t care to feel sad for her brother’s miserable image, she hurriedly pushed open the car door and greeted him, choking back a sob and shouted, “Brother!”

  When Fitz Banks looked at the sound of the voice and saw that it was Zara Banks, tears instantly came to her eyes.

  At this moment, Zara Banks had already dashed to him, ignoring his dirty appearance, hugged him and cried, “Brother! You’ve finally come back ……”

  Fitz Banks also couldn’t help but cry out, and said with a bit of panic and inferiority complex, “Zara, brother is too dirty ……”

  ”It’s okay ……” Zara Banks shook her head and cried, “Brother, you’ve suffered for the past six months ……”

  Fitz Banks sighed and said with a pious face, “I haven’t suffered anything, it’s just that whenever I think of you and mum, I feel very guilty in my heart and have been unable to forgive myself ……”

  Fitz Banks hurriedly said with relief, “Those things are all in the past, brother, you should not mention them again, both mum and I also understand you very well, mum is not angry with you either, and I am not angry with you either.”

  She wiped her tears and said, “Brother, you’re waiting at home, let’s go back!”