Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5322

 Charlie wade sighed and shook his head, “Next year’s Hui Chun Dan auction is not going to be held for the time being.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “In fact, I still have a major problem in my heart that has yet to be solved, if I hold the Spring Return Dan Auction again, I am afraid that I will stir up fire, if I continue to hold it, I will have to wait until I have solved this problem in my heart.”

  Before he went to America this year, when he held the Spring Return Pill Auction, Charlie wade did not know about the existence of the Qing Breaking Society.

  Fortunately, this year’s Hui Chun Dan Auction was held for the first time, and those who got the news were mostly those traditional wealthy people in Europe that the old Nordic Queen had helped to fool, but the real top tycoons did not appear, and his own great uncle’s coming to the auction at that time was only his personal act, not the An Family’s decision.

  Now, Charlie wade had already gotten a feel for the Qing Breaking Society, and knew that this organisation was very strong. Moreover, he had killed and captured many dead soldiers and primus inter pares in the United States and Northern Europe, so the Qing Breaking Society must be very alert now, and if he held another Spring Return Pill auction at such a time, he was afraid that he would not be able to keep a low profile even if he wanted to, and it would not be wise to stir up fire.

  Therefore, what Charlie wade had in mind was to put next year’s auction on hold for a while, and then restart the auction when he had resolved the Qing Breaking Society, or when the Qing Breaking Society was no longer a deadly enemy to him.

  Although Ito Nanaeko knew nothing about the Broken Qing Society, she also heard the caution in Charlie wade’s words, so she said without thinking, “Since there are still risks, it’s better not to run it for now.”

  Saying that, Ito Nanaiko remembered something and spoke, “However, since Charlie wade-kun is worried about exposure, I do have an idea, I don’t know if it’s feasible ……”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “What idea? Why don’t you tell us.”

  I think we can give a new approach to the Spring Return Auction, for example, not to advertise it to the public for the time being, and not to use the public registration method, but a month or two before it starts, the organizer will send invitations privately to those who have participated in the Spring Return Auction this year, and invite them to come back for the new year’s auction. All these people have already witnessed the miracle of the Spring Return Pill with their own eyes, the Spring Return Pill is no longer a secret to them, so inviting them over again this year does not in itself have the argument of leaking secrets.”

  Charlie wade pondered for a moment and said with a smile, “Nana-chan, this is a very good idea! Although these people have already participated in the Spring Return Pill Auction, the vast majority of them have returned empty-handed, and they are definitely looking forward to the next auction, so at that time, if they are asked to come back and participate again, they will definitely not refuse.”

  Ito Nanaeko nodded and spoke, “Moreover, these people all know the principle of making a fortune by stifling their voices, and know that the greater the competition, the less they hope for themselves, so they will definitely not spread the news of the Spring Return Pill everywhere, and the auction will definitely be able to be held smoothly.”

  Saying that, Ito Nana-chan added, “Since we’ve all adopted the invitation system, if Charlie wadejun has a big client that he particularly wants to invite, he just needs to quietly do a good background check on him and make sure that he has no relationship with your heartthrob, then you can send him an invitation letter to invite him to be there, so that you can also avoid spreading the word.”