Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5321

Regarding the video about buying a house in Townsend One, Ito Nanaeko had no intention of hiding it from Charlie wade from the very beginning.

  Her only small thought was to come to Aurous Hill in advance to give Charlie wade a little surprise, and as for the purchase of the house, she preferred to tell Charlie wade openly and honestly. Ito

  Charlie wade really didn’t expect that Ito Nana-chan had bought a house in Townsend One, so he asked her curiously, “When did it happen? Which one did you buy?”

  Ito Nana-chan said with a smile, “I bought the high-rise on the river, the villa has been sold out.”

  Saying that, Ito Nanaeko added, “Actually, I originally wanted to buy a villa that was more cla*sical, but Tanaka-san had been here for a few days and hadn’t been able to find a suitable house, so only yesterday did I temporarily buy a high-rise in Townsend One.”

  Charlie wade nodded gently and said with a smile, “Then we’ll be neighbours from now on, welcome to settle in Aurous Hill.”

  In his heart, he had always regarded Nana Ito as a confidante whose personality and mannerisms best suited his temperament.

  Since she had bought a house in Townsend, she would definitely come to Aurous Hill often in the future, which was naturally a happy thing for Charlie wade.

  On the other hand, Nanaeko Ito said with a bit of a blush, “I might not come to China too often for the time being, the family still has some things to take care of, but if the time is right in the future, I can also consider gradually moving my business to China.”

  Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “It wouldn’t be a bad idea if that was really the case, in the future, whether it’s the Wade family or my own business, there are many areas where I can cooperate with the Ito family.”

  To Nanaeko Ito, Charlie wade naturally had some preference.

  This was also why, in his heart, he also hoped that Nanaeko Ito could live in Aurous Hill for a long time.

  Moreover, Ito Nanaeko had always been unreserved towards Charlie wade, and since Charlie wade had integrated the Banks family’s shipping resources and established Ito Shipping, Ito Nanaeko had not only taken out all of the Ito family’s shipping resources, but even held the shares of this company for Charlie wade without hesitation, and Charlie wade also hoped to find the right opportunity to repay the Ito family in business.

  Ito Nanae was originally worried that her coming to Aurous Hill would not be an inconvenience to Charlie wade, but to her surprise, Charlie wade not only wanted her to stay in Aurous Hill, but even wanted her to transfer the centre of her business to Aurous Hill, which made her happy, and her plan to shift the focus of her business to Aurous Hill was finally on the agenda.

  So, she could not hide the joy in her heart and said, “If Charlie wade Jun is welcome, I will make preparations this time when I return.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Of course I welcome you.”

  Ito Nanaeko smiled sweetly and nodded, “Then I will make good plans with Odo-san, but I am afraid that it will take at least one or two years to complete a large industry and team, if we want to transfer it to Aurous Hill step by step, the first task is to choose a site in Aurous Hill.”

  Charlie wade blandly said: “This is simple, the emperor’s group has a lot of properties in Aurous Hill, before when doing the auction of the return spring pills, I also let the Moore group step in and develop a lot of commercial properties, when the time comes, the Ito family can completely choose from these properties, if none of them look good, they can also use them for the time being, at the same time cooperate with the official of Aurous Hill, buy a piece of land to build slowly. “

  Ito Nanaeko knew that Charlie wade had made a lot of money from the Spring Festival auction and that a large part of it was used for investment and development in Aurous Hill, so she subconsciously asked, “Charlie wade-kun, will you still hold the Spring Festival auction next year? If the Hui Chun Dan continues to be held, Aurous Hill will definitely be able to attract a large number of top foreign companies to move in, and by then, a new financial centre might be created through the Hui Chun Dan!”