Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5317

Hearing this voice, the three women looked at the sound and saw that Charlie wade had already stepped into the Sky Garden.

  The expressions of the three women all involuntarily became excited in this instant.

  However, because they knew that Charlie wade was talking about Zara Banks’s brother, Xion Banks and Ito Nanaezi only smiled at Charlie wade and did not say anything.

  Zara Banks was overjoyed and hurriedly confirmed with Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, are you saying that you can bring my brother back?”

  ”Yes.” Charlie wade nodded and said blandly, “But only to attend the wedding, after the wedding, he will have to continue his unfinished punishment.”

  Zara Banks subconsciously asked, “Then …… then Mr. Wade, if my brother comes back for the wedding, after the wedding is over, will he still return to the position he was picked up from before, or will he start everything from the beginning?”

  Charlie wade laughed: “Of course from where he came from he will go back to where he came from, how would I let him start from scratch.”

  Zara Banks immediately sighed with relief and said gratefully, “Thank you Mr. Wade for your generosity, then I will arrange for someone to pick him up ……”

  Charlie wade waved his hand: “I’ll have Isaac Cameron pick him up, your brother’s movements, Isaac Cameron’s men are always watching, they can pick him up at any time, besides, he’s been gone for so long, he’s been sleeping and sleeping in the wind all day, he doesn’t have any contact information on him, it’s hard for you to find him for a while.”

  ”Good ……” Zara Banks nodded and said respectfully, “Then I’ll be grateful to Mr. Wade.”

  Charlie wade said, “I’ll make the arrangements here, if it’s quick, he’ll arrive in Aurous Hill tonight.”

  Zara Banks gathered the courage to ask: “That …… Mr. Wade …… can I ask you one more thing ……”

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “You say.”

  Zara Banks pursed her lips and said quietly, “As you know, my mother has been settled in Aurous Hill since her divorce, and she misses my brother a lot during this time, so I want my brother to come back this time, so you can let him meet with my mother as well.”

  Charlie wade agreed readily and said, “No problem, I’ll ask Cameron to bring him back by tonight, from today onwards, until August 10th, he can move freely within the jurisdiction of Aurous Hill City, at 8am on August 10th, just have him come to Shangri-la Palace on time and report to Cameron.”

  Zara Banks did not expect that although his father’s wedding date with He Yingxiu was on the 8th, Charlie wade had given him two extra days, so he was grateful and said without thinking, “Yes Mr. Wade, I will stay in Aurous Hill and keep an eye on him to make sure he reports to Shangri-la Palace at 8am on August 10th!”

  At this time, Isaac Cameron learned that Charlie wade had arrived at the hotel, so he came to hear about it. Charlie wade then greeted him and asked, “Old Cameron, where has young master Fitz arrived now?”

  Isaac Cameron was slightly stunned, then he glanced at Zara Banks and said with some embarra*sment, “Young Master Banks is almost a third of the way there and has already arrived in San Qin Province.”

  Charlie wade nodded and spoke, “Arrange for someone to pick up Young Master Banks, the faster the efficiency the better, but when you pick him up, remember to mark the location when you pick him up, and then send Young Master Banks back to his original location on August 10th.”

  ”Okay.” Isaac Cameron said without thinking, “I’ll arrange for my local men to pick up Young Master Banks by helicopter, we have a plane at Chang Airport, so when Young Master Banks arrives the plane can take off and bring Young Master Banks back directly.”

  ”Okay.” Charlie wade instructed, “You go and arrange it as soon as possible.”


  Soon, a helicopter took off from the outskirts of Chang’an, the capital of San Qin Province, and flew quickly all the way towards the southeast.

  The distance between here and Fitz’s location is only about forty kilometres in a straight line.

  At this moment, Fitz Banks, who is walking on the land of the Three Qin, is still continuing his pilgrimage despite his unkempt beard and tattered body.

  Every three steps he took, he had to kneel on the ground, then kowtow to the ground and rise again, and after rising, he took three steps again and continued to kneel down, and so on.