Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5313

  Wendy Wilson was silent for a moment, as if she had made some decision, suddenly restarting the car and turning right at the next intersection where she should have been going straight, before speaking, “Forget it! I’ll take you two to the hospital now! You two hurry up and get well, and after you recover you can go out and get a proper job!”

  Christopher Wilson nodded and said in a disheveled voice, “To be honest, after lying in bed for most of the year, I’m going crazy, I’ll go find a job when I’m well ……”

  After saying that, he looked at Harold Wilson and urged, “Harold, you’ve been hanging around for half your f*cking life, it’s time to do something right! When the time comes, the two of us will look for work together, no one can stay at home and eat dry rice!”

  Harold Wilson also knew that his dream of being a rich second generation had been shattered, so he could only nod his head and choke up, “I know dad …… I’ll work hard when I get well ……”

  The old lady Wilson is a human being, she knows that Benedict can no longer turn over a new leaf now, she is afraid that she can only rely on Wendy Wilson in the future.

  In addition, when she saw that her son and grandson had already taken a stand with Wendy Wilson, she also hurriedly said to Wendy Wilson: “Wendy, why don’t grandma also go to the supermarket and find a job, even if it’s still pulling plastic bags for people, at least she can share some of the burden with the family ……”

  Wendy Wilson shook her head and said seriously, “Grandma, you should not go out to work again, you are so old, and my current income is enough to support you, you can just stay at home and retire.”

  When Old Mrs. Wilson heard this, she was instantly relieved and at the same time a little glad that she was old after all, it would be difficult for her to adapt if she was really allowed to go back to work again.

  Anyone at that age would not want to go back to running around for a living, and the same was true of the old lady.

  And when she heard that her granddaughter was willing to give herself a pension, she was still very content in her heart.

  However, Wendy Wilson’s tone suddenly became serious at this time and said seriously, “Grandma, there are some things I have to say up front, you absolutely must not engage in those petty thoughts of family politics in the future at home!”

  Old Mrs. Wilson quickly sophomorized, “Wendy, I’m not engaging in any family politics. ……”

  Wendy Wilson said seriously, “Grandma, our Wilson family used to be quite united when Grandpa was still alive. Not only did the family turn into two families, but the Wilson family’s business also went down the drain, and later the company went bankrupt and collapsed, so that even the family home was gone.

  At that time, I was young and ignorant, and I targeted Sister Claire and brother-in-law at every turn, making many mistakes and taking many wrong turns. If we can all realise our mistakes and correct them properly in the future, we will definitely have a better life in the future.”

  Old Mrs. Wilson’s expression was embarra*sed, but she also said with some indignation, “The main reason I targeted your second uncle’s family in the first place was because that girl Claire was full of anti-bones, I told her to divorce Charlie wade a long time ago, but she just wouldn’t listen ……”

  Wendy Wilson immediately said in a cold voice: “Fortunately, Sister Claire didn’t listen to you! If she had listened to you and divorced Charlie wade and married Wenhao, she would have been left with nothing now, just like us! The Zhang family may have been a good family, but they’ve been bankrupt for a long time, you know that! And look how happy Sister Claire is now! The villa she lives in is not a charity or a loan for them to live in temporarily! And her brother-in-law is also a prominent figure in Aurous Hill, with him around, no one dares to bully her family!”

  Wendy Wilson’s eyes were red as she choked up, “I used to listen to you on everything, but look at how many detours I’ve been led by you. When you told me to go with Wang Yunfei, he kicked me out, and then you told me to go with Kenneth Wilson, which ruined my reputation, so much so that no one is after me now! Even though my mother managed to escape from the black coal kiln, it was you who took the lead in isolating her and abusing her, so that our family has come to this state step by step! All this proves that you are not capable of running the Wilson family at all!”

  Old Mrs. Wilson’s face turned red with shame and she wanted to burrow through a crack in the ground.

  Wendy Wilson wiped her tears and said forcefully, “From today onwards, I am in charge of everything in the Wilson family! I hope you will put away those thoughts and stop making waves! As long as you can live your life peacefully and honestly, I will definitely give you a pension, but if you still do all that nonsense, then I’m sorry, even if you go to court and sue me, I won’t support you anymore!”