Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5311

  Yueqin also sent a message, “Yes, Elaine! That was a great move on your part!”

  Yuling laughed, “I’ve always been annoyed with them since I lived with them, but today I finally got it off my chest! You’re the one who has the solution!”

  Elaine grunted proudly, “Of course! I’m not bragging, it’s just like playing with Benedict!”

  Guifen sighed, “I don’t know where I can buy firecrackers, if I could, I’d have to put up a firecracker to celebrate!”

  When Elaine heard this, her eyes lit up, then she came out of the room with her crutches, moved to the door of Jacob Wilson’s room, tapped on the door and shouted, “Jacob Wilson, open the door!”

  Jacob Wilson, who had been still a bit dishevelled, said impatiently from inside, “What are you tapping for, I have to rest if you don’t sleep!”

  Elaine said impatiently, “Open the door when you’re told to, what the hell is this nonsense! Open up!”

  After saying that, he started to slap vigorously again.

  Jacob Wilson had no choice but to open the door, looked at her and said in an annoyed manner, “What’s the matter?”

  Elaine looked at Jacob Wilson and saw that he was only wearing a pair of trousers, so she frowned and said, “Hurry up and put your trousers on, and drive me out to buy two firecrackers, I want to celebrate with a firecracker!”

  ”Set off firecrackers?” Jacob Wilson muttered discontentedly, “It’s not New Year’s Day, so what kind of firecrackers are you setting off?”

  Elaine blurted out, “Benedict is getting cold, this is a big happy event that is celebrated by the whole world, so we have to set off cannons to celebrate?”

  Jacob Wilson waved his hand impatiently and said, “You can’t do that! The city doesn’t even allow firecrackers during New Year’s Eve, so you want to set them off now? Do you want to eat sh*t?”

  Elaine said angrily, “I just want to set them off! Don’t talk so much, just drive me out and see where I can get some!”

  Jacob Wilson grunted, “You can release it if you want, but don’t blame me for not reminding you when you are detained.”

  When Elaine heard about the detention, she was scared and panicked.

  She had been detained in both China and the United States, so she was already a veteran and had nothing to fear.

  But Benedict had just been detained, and she hated Elaine to the bone, so it seemed to Elaine that if she went in and was detained in the same place as her, she would tear herself alive.

  So Elaine warned herself in her mind, “I’d better be honest in the meantime ……”

  With this in mind, she had already decided to give up.

  When Jacob Wilson saw her expression ashen, he deliberately sighed and said, “Aiya, since you want to let go so much, I’ll take you to find out.”

  After saying that, he grabbed his trousers, picked up his car keys, and lifted his feet to put on his trousers while speaking, “Go, let’s go now.”

  The corners of Elaine’s mouth twitched twice and she waved her hand, “Oh forget it, I’m not going.”

  Jacob Wilson asked with a funny face, “Don’t forget it! You said it yourself, it’s a big celebration, so it’s not right not to set off some fireworks?”

  He said, “I have a friend who seems to be a fireworks dealer, he has a black warehouse in the suburbs that specialises in fireworks, let’s go there directly, I’ll get you some firecrackers with 100,000 rings, and get you some kickers, it’ll be a great time!

  When Elaine heard this, she shook her head and said, “Forget it, I’m not going, it’s too late and I’m sleepy.”

  She said, waving her hand, “So what, hurry up and go to bed, I’ll go back to the house too.”

  Jacob Wilson smiled and said, “Oh, look at you, come on! I’ve got my trousers on!”