Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5309

  Seeing her depressed face, the officer spoke up, “Did you think I was joking with you? To tell you the truth, we’ve seen the video of her exposing you. You said you were going to have your husband pretend to have pancreatic cancer, your son pretend to have uremia, and your mother-in-law pretend to be blind from crying. Fraud! At that point, the court might sentence you to ten years!”

  ”Ah?!” Benedict said in shock, “Will it take as long as ten years?”

  The police officer said indifferently, “Once it is qualified as fraud, the amount of money involved in the case is already particularly huge, the starting sentence is ten years, and all the illegal gains will also be confiscated, if the amount of money you have increased in the meantime, you will definitely be sentenced to ten years or more.”

  Benedict was dumbfounded with fear, she didn’t expect that just selling misery in a live broadcast with goods would have such serious consequences, and would even touch the criminal law.

  However, although it was Elaine who indirectly helped Benedict to hang on to her horse, Benedict could not forgive her in the slightest, and she also secretly vowed in her heart that when she got out, she would definitely find a way to seek revenge on Elaine.


  Benedict’s video is still fermenting on the internet.

  More and more people who had bought things from Benedict’s live stream, seeing the video exposing Benedict, were instantly filled with righteous indignation.

  They had originally ordered goods from Benedict’s live-streaming room out of sympathy, and the poor quality of the goods had long made them very dissatisfied, but out of sympathy for Benedict, they had not asked for a refund before.

  But now, when they saw Benedict’s video, saw Benedict’s ugly face, and even saw Benedict treating her own kind of clotheshorse as an injustice seed, they were also very dissatisfied in their hearts.

  As a result, many people began to find the officials, hoping to return those things they had purchased from Benedict’s live stream, and also hoping that the platform would impose heavy fines on Benedict.

  The operating team of the short video platform held an emergency meeting at its headquarters in Eastcliff.

  During the meeting, the executives agreed that the platform must give consumers a satisfactory answer as soon as possible, not only to effectively calm their anger, but also to punish Benedict severely for her actions, so that other anchors would learn from this mistake and not make the same mistakes again.

  The group’s lead lawyer then made a suggestion that, in his opinion, the platform should make an upfront payment to these consumers by returning the full amount of all orders that were consumed then purchased in Benedict’s live stream.

  The total turnover of Benedict’s live-streaming room is around 60 million RMB, so this amount of money is just a drop in the bucket for the platform.

  If they refuse to pay, they will be sued, and if they win, they will have to pay compensation, and if they still refuse, the platform can apply to the court for enforcement.

  In this way, Benedict must pay out all of her income from live-streaming with goods, and once she refuses to pay, she will be sanctioned by law, so that she can also greatly deter other live-streaming with goods anchors!

  Benedict, who had just been sent to a detention center, was still glad in her heart that she could at least keep half of her income after she went out to pay back taxes.

  But what she doesn’t know is that every penny she earns will be refunded back in no small amount!