Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5308

Individual anchors like Benedict can personally apply for cash withdrawals directly from the platform for income from live streaming with goods, but this money is all pre-tax and requires the anchor to file their own tax returns.

  But Benedict has never filed a tax return because she couldn’t afford to lose a large amount of income.

  Now that the tax department has come to her door, she panicked and could only hastily lie, “Comrade, you have seen the situation of my family. …”

  She said, with a flash of light, she hurriedly gave herself another filler: “You see I live with the goods actually did not take long, only a month in total, in fact, I was planning, when busy with these days to hurry to go to the tax return ……”

  The tax department staff knew she was definitely lying, but just as she said, she had only been live-streaming her goods for just over a month, and if she said she had forgotten or was too busy to file her tax return, there was nothing the tax department could do to prove that she was deliberately stealing taxes.

  The tax officer then gave her a step up: “We do understand your situation, and there are indeed some objective factors, so we will not pursue whether there is tax evasion, you just need to declare your personal tax as soon as possible according to your actual income.”

  Benedict subconsciously asked, “What is our tax rate for this personal tax?”

  The tax officer explained, “This kind of live banding you do belongs to labour remuneration, and labour remuneration belongs to the comprehensive income of citizens, after the remittance, the tax rate applies a personal tax rate of 3% to 45%, given that your amount has reached the highest grade, so the 45% bracket applies.”

  ”Huh?” Benedict immediately cried: “45% ah …… this …… this is too much ……”

  The tax officer said seriously, “Benedict, it is the obligation of every citizen to pay personal income tax according to the law, and our personal tax is not high in the world, the highest level of personal tax in Europe and Japan are above 50%, and the United States is also 45%!”

  Benedict wanted to die, but she was able to wrap her head around the situation at the critical moment, thinking: “Since my income has been exposed, paying taxes is definitely essential, those stars and anchors who cheat on their taxes are basically nothing good, and I must be the same …… “

  ”And, I am considered less bad luck, after all, I make money for a short time, can use the excuse of forgetting to pay taxes or temporarily do not have time to pay taxes to themselves to make up for it, otherwise, when the time comes to pay back taxes plus fines, the amount will only be greater!”

  At this thought, Benedict could only nod honestly and say, “I am willing to pay taxes! I’m willing to pay the tax! When I get out, I’ll pay the tax first!”

  At this moment, Benedict thought to herself that even if her income was cut off and she paid the income tax, she would still have at least a few million in cash in her hands.

  The tax officer saw that her attitude was not bad, so he gave her some advice and left first.

  Benedict, at this moment, also looked as if she had just escaped a calamity and sat down on the interrogation chair, letting out a long breath.

  When the officer saw this, he said in a cold voice: “Benedict, I’ll say it from the bottom of my heart, you have to thank the one who exposed you, Elaine, for exposing you today and letting you hang on to your horse, so you won’t make a big mistake!”

  After hearing this, Benedict was naturally unconvinced and indignant, and she thought to herself, “That b*tch Elaine, she cut off my money and still wants me to thank her? I’ll be sorry if I don’t find a chance to kill her!”