Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5307

  Christopher Wilson was suddenly somewhat dumbfounded, he knew that this matter was talking out of turn, his family was not justified, just like the water drop fundraising, obviously 3,000 yuan to cure the disease, but had to raise 30 million on the water drop fundraising, this is definitely problematic, the police came to the door, also earlier he had envisaged a situation.

  In desperation, he and his son Harold Wilson had to be carried out of the room with the a*sistance of a number of police officers.

  Along with them, they were taken out of the house, along with old lady Wilson, who had just fallen asleep but was awakened by a knock on the door.

  The old lady still did not know what had happened and when she saw that the officers had carried her son and grandson out, she hurriedly asked, “Christopher and Harold, what’s wrong with you two? What are the police doing arresting you?”

  The police officer hastily explained, “Don’t misunderstand, old granny, we are not arresting you three, but because all three of you are suspected of fraud, we want you three to come to the police station to cooperate with us for an investigation.”

  Old Mrs. Wilson was shocked and said, “Comrade officer, that daughter-in-law of mine did all the cheating, I didn’t do it, you mustn’t put me in jail too.”

  Old Mrs Wilson, who had been in prison, did not feel any nostalgia for that place, but was instead filled with horror.

  She knew that what her daughter-in-law had done was not very honourable and might even have been suspected of committing a crime, so the first thing she wanted to do was to hurry up and clear her name, so that she would not be dragged into it.

  But the police officer still said patiently, “Old granny, don’t be too alarmed, we are just asking you to go over to a*sist in the investigation, and will send you back if there is nothing wrong.”

  Old Mrs Wilson had no choice but to follow her to the police car.

  Soon, several police cars quickly left Townsend One and headed for the city bureau.

  After arriving at the City Bureau, the four members of Benedict’s family were interrogated in isolation. Due to their poor mental capacity, it did not take long for all four of them to give an account of what had happened.

  What the officers did not expect was that Christopher Wilson and Harold Wilson were really paralysed.

  Originally, they thought that the paralysis of these two men should also be a fake, but now, through the hospital’s medical records and the visual examination of them, they could confirm that they were indeed paralysed.

  This one made it a bit tricky for the officers.

  If the two men’s cases had been forged, the family would have been guilty of fraud, but the two men’s cases were genuine, which proved that Benedict had not forged documents to deceive the public.

  So, this fraud charge is really not quite sufficient.

  However, there was a precedent for this kind of live bandwagon of selling misery and making up stories in terms of administrative punishment, which would generally result in seven to fifteen days of administrative detention, depending on the severity of the circumstances.

  So the police quickly made a decision to first impose a ten-day detention on Benedict, while permanently blocking her short video platform account, and then transferring her to the procuratorial authorities to initiate public prosecution if they investigated evidence that she had allegedly committed a crime.

  Although Christopher Wilson, Harold Wilson and Mrs. Wilson were accomplices, the father and son were paralyzed in bed and Mrs. Wilson was old and had to take care of a couple of grandchildren, so the three were given a free pa*s and exempted from punishment.

  She thought to herself, “I don’t care if I’m detained for 10 days, as long as my money is not confiscated. ……”

  But as soon as she thought that, the tax man approached her and said, “Benedict, after we verified that your bank card has been credited with more than ten million dollars during this period of time, but you haven’t paid a single penny of personal tax, what’s going on?”