Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5306

Hearing someone knocking on the door, Christopher Wilson subconsciously asked, “Who is it?”

  Just as the words left his mouth, the door of the room was pushed open and several police officers walked in, one of them looked at Christopher Wilson and Harold Wilson and asked, “Are you Benedict’s family?”

  Christopher Wilson subconsciously said, “I am …… I am her husband.”

  Harold Wilson also said, “I am her son ……”

  The officer nodded and spoke, “Okay, get up and come with us and cooperate with us in an investigation.”

  ”Cooperate with the investigation?” Christopher Wilson subconsciously asked, “Officer, is there something wrong with Benedict?”

  The officer said indifferently, “Haven’t you seen the video that was exposed online?”

  ”Video?” Harold Wilson asked offhandedly, “What video? We don’t know anything about the video ah ……”

  The police officer asked with a look of disbelief, “The video that exposed you guys on the internet, haven’t you guys seen it yet?”

  ”Expose us?” Christopher Wilson asked nervously, “What the hell is going on? I can’t even understand what you’re saying.”

  The officer said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, we’ll let you know when you get to our place, get up and come with us.”

  Christopher Wilson hurriedly said, “Comrade officer, my son and I are both paralysed and have not recovered yet, so we can’t get up at all.”

  The officer asked him with a frown, “You’re addicted to acting, aren’t you? Don’t think I don’t know that you are all fake, aren’t you just acting on purpose to show those netizens online so that they can place orders for things on your live stream? You all still dare to act in front of the police, you’ve got some nerve.”

  Christopher Wilson hurriedly said, “Comrade officer, this is a big misunderstanding. If you //don’t believe me, you can go to the hospital and investigate our files, they are all there.”

  The police officer frowned, recalling that the two of them had been lying on the bed since he entered, almost motionless, so he believed Christopher Wilson’s words for a while.

  He then said, “If you really have difficulty moving around, then I will call two people to come and help you into the car, and first go to the police station to cooperate with us for an investigation, and then we will send you two back after the investigation is over.”

  Christopher Wilson asked nervously, “Comrade officer, what is this all about? What did you just say someone exposed us for? Expose my wife for live-streaming with goods?”

  ”Yes.” The officer nodded, took out his phone, opened the video and handed it to Christopher Wilson, saying indifferently, “Take a look at it yourself, after all, it’s all your own words, and there is no question of others falsely accusing you or throwing dirty water on you.”

  Christopher Wilson stared at the video, watching it play automatically, and the first thing Benedict said in the video nearly scared his soul away!

  Harold Wilson, who was lying on the bed next door, could not see the picture, but he knew roughly what was going on by listening to the sound, and all of a sudden he was also scared and had goosebumps all over his body.

  The officer didn’t wait for the video to finish before retrieving his phone and asking in a cold voice, “Now do you know why you were told to go back and cooperate with the investigation?”

  Christopher Wilson’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat as he stammered, “But …… but my wife can’t be considered a liar and cheat when she’s on air, because both of us masters are really paralyzed and really don’t have much money for treatment… …”

  The police officer questioned him, “Your wife is driving a Mercedes big g, you tell me you don’t have money to cure your illness, do you think I will believe you?”

  Christopher Wilson hurriedly explained again, “Officer you misunderstood, I’m not talking about now …… I’m talking about when she just started live-streaming with goods …… at that time we were really poor, so she thought of making some money through Live broadcast way to earn some reward, did not expect the attention of more and more people, so she did a live broadcast with goods, earn money is also live generation or after the thing.”

  The police officer asked in a cold voice: “If you have earned so much money, why are you still constantly selling misery? That Mercedes big g of your wife should be enough to cover your grandparents’ living expenses as well as medical expenses, right? After the kind-hearted netizens have helped you solve your problems, why don’t you hurry to stop in moderation and why do you continue to consume the netizens’ sympathy for your family? You obviously already have endless money to spend, yet you still talk about how miserable and tragic your family is in front of the camera, do you think this is right?”