Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5305

  Christopher Wilson said with a puff of anger, “I can’t be blamed for that! It’s not like you don’t know what your mother did! Not only did she get pregnant with someone else’s child, but she also infected me with a disease! What other man would be able to bear this?”

  After saying that, Christopher Wilson said resentfully, “Even if that’s not the case, but the fact that the incident was made at the hospital and everyone knew about it, I have no place to put my face!”

  ”Oh yes, there’s also that b*****d Elaine, hanging dozens of green hats on her balcony, that’s a deliberate attempt to disgust me.

  Harold Wilson sighed: “Hey …… Dad, I’ll be fair, I don’t think it’s all Mom’s fault, if it wasn’t for you two working together to screw Elaine, Charlie wade wouldn’t have been able to send Mom to the black coal kiln. The first thing that happened was that you hid behind and let mom face Charlie wade alone. But after all she has done for you, you still dislike her, can she not be angry with you?”

  Saying that, Harold Wilson said glumly, “I also didn’t think about this earlier, if I had thought about it earlier, I would never have been the same as you guys and treated mum coldly.”

  Christopher Wilson scolded in exasperation, “Harold, I know, now you just see that your mother has made it to the top and you want to be in her good graces.”

  Harold Wilson hurriedly said in a serious manner, “I am not! I’m helping reason, not relatives!”

  ”Come on!” Christopher Wilson snorted coldly, “I still don’t know you? You’ve always been a mama’s boy! Not to mention your mother, even if Elaine has money for you to spend, you can still go and call her mother!”

  Harold Wilson said in a fury, “Dad, what you said is insulting! I’m being objective myself, you can’t blame Ma for these things per se, you have to reflect on the problem from yourself!”

  ”F*ck you!” Christopher Wilson said angrily, “You’re a f*cking white-eyed wolf!”

  Harold Wilson hurriedly said, “Dad, this is all about your mentality, if you were more objective, you would have thought the same as I did.”

  ”The same as you!” Christopher Wilson said with contempt, “I know exactly what kind of goods you kid is!”

  ”Oops dad ……”

  ”Don’t you call me dad, get out of the way!”

  Harold Wilson was also a bit angry and said sullenly, “You, you’re so stubborn! It doesn’t matter if you yell at me now, but if you don’t correct your mind in the future, the money mum earns in the future will definitely not be spent for you!”

  Harold Wilson said, “Don’t forget, today mum also said that your script is to have pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer is so fast that you will lose your life in a month or so, which means that from now on, at most in another month or two, mum will not need you in her live studio, if you still don’t satisfy mum by then, then you will have to suffer!”

  When Christopher Wilson heard this, he immediately panicked a little.

  He was naturally very upset when Benedict bad-mouthed him and even hit him, but when he thought of Benedict making money like water now, he couldn’t help but think about what Harold Wilson had just said. If Benedict really didn’t want him to spend her money, then wouldn’t all these humiliations be for nothing? And if Benedict really didn’t want to spend her money, then wouldn’t all these humiliations be for nothing? And Benedict really wouldn’t be able to use herself soon, so if she kicked herself out, that would be the end of the story!

    Thinking of this, he also made up his mind, thinking to himself: “It seems that I still have to get along well with Benedict in the future. As for the little bit of dignity of a man, it’s already time, so let’s do nothing…”

  As soon as the words were out of his mind, there was a knock at the door and someone outside asked, “Is this the home of Christopher Wilson and Harold Wilson?”