Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5304

Hearing Elaine’s reminder, the officer nodded towards her and opened his mouth to ask, “Who are you? Do you know Benedict?”

  Elaine smilingly said, “Yes! I’m the one who exposed her on the internet!”

  After hearing this, the officer asked in surprise, “You’re that fighter Elaine?”

  ”Yes, yes, yes!” Elaine laughed heatedly, “It’s me it’s me, I’m the fighter!”

  The police officer gave her a thumbs up and complimented her, “Thank you, Elaine! If you hadn’t exposed it, this Benedict would surely have cheated more people, and by then our city of Aurous Hill would have lost face to her! On behalf of the people of Aurous Hill, I thank you!”

  Elaine was flattered and said, “Aiya, you’re flattering, it’s all what I should do!”

  The police officer then instructed the people around him, “You guys take Benedict to the car first, then go to the villa next door and bring back all those people who appeared in the video to cooperate with the investigation!”

  ”Yes!” Several police officers immediately responded, and then two of them helped Benedict up and brought her into the police car.

  Benedict was already terrified to the extreme, unable to control her constant trembling, and asked with trepidation, “That …… police …… officer …… how will I be The punishment ah? I’m not going to be sent to jail, am I ……”

  The police officer said in a cold voice: “Whether or not you will be sent to jail depends on whether or not you have broken the criminal law, if so, we will not condone it and will definitely hand you over to the prosecutor’s office for prosecution!”

  Benedict was instantly scared and howled.

  Although she had never been in prison, she had heard about the situation there, and was naturally terrified.

  Elaine at this time watched her cry as she was stuffed into the police car, her heart was even more smug, looking at Benedict, shouting loudly, “Yanzi, go in and make sure to reform well ah Yanzi, don’t fail to live up to the expectations of tens of thousands of injustice species on you!”

  Benedict was so annoyed that she poked her head out of the police car and cursed, “Elaine you wait for me! I’ll get you killed sooner or later!”

  When the police officer heard this, he immediately scolded, “Benedict! Be careful what you say! Threatening someone’s personal safety, even if you don’t do anything, is still a crime that can be added to the crime of provoking and causing trouble!”

  Benedict wilted in fear, so she could only look at Elaine with hatred, and then bowed her head honestly.

  Soon, a few police officers arrived at the villa next door.

  At this time, Old Lady Xiao was already asleep. Christopher Wilson and Harold Wilson could vaguely hear noisy commotion outside, but as they were paralysed in bed, they could not go out to investigate for a while, so they could only lie in bed and discuss.

  Christopher Wilson said to Harold Wilson, “Harold, why do I always think that the person making noise outside looks like your mother!”

  Harold Wilson said awkwardly, “Dad, Grandma didn’t open a window for us when she left, and the window is so well sealed that I really can’t hear it clearly, but just now I vaguely heard someone laughing, and it sounded like that smelly b*tch Elaine!”

  ”Elaine?” Christopher Wilson said in surprise, “Is it possible that your mother is choking with her?”

  ”Can’t be.” Harold Wilson muttered, “Didn’t Mom leave long ago? She must have gone to the hotel, there’s no way she’s still arguing with Elaine at this time.”

  Christopher Wilson nodded approvingly, “It’s also …… your mum has been gone for half a day, she’s probably lying in the hotel enjoying herself!”

  Christopher Wilson said with a depressed expression, “I’m angry when I think of your mother, she’s not the one who is proud of making a little money, she’s at home all day long, treating us like two dogs ……”

  Harold Wilson is also helpless, sighing: “Oh Dad …… our family now this situation you also know, Mom can take advantage of the live with goods to turn around, is already a blessing, as for her temper now, to be honest I have no good way, mainly because some time ago we hurt her too deeply, especially you and Grandma, that simply does not treat mum like a human being!”