Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5303

  Benedict didn’t expect Elaine to expose her shortcomings here, and the more she listened, the angrier she became.

  Elaine reacted quickly and dodged it with a tilt of her head, turning towards Benedict and smiling playfully, “Hey, you’re smashing your sister here too!”

  Benedict gritted her teeth and took off her other shoe and smacked it, Elaine again tilted her head to dodge it perfectly, then looked at Benedict and laughed, “Aiya, still taking your grandma Elaine as Bush?”

  The President of the United States of America, George Bush, was thrown two shoes in a row by an Iraqi journalist, but both were easily dodged, and that scene has always been a cla*sic scene in international news.

  Benedict was so angry with Elaine that she had a shortness of breath and a dizziness in her brain because she was so angry. I’ve only been around for a few days and you’re trying to screw me over! I’ve been bullied by old lady Wilson for half of my life, and now I’ve just turned over a new leaf, and you’re screwing me over again.

  Elaine said smilingly as she stomped on a melon seed, “Benedict, your mistake is that you shouldn’t be so proud in front of your grandmother Elaine, what? Even if I don’t expose you, someone will expose you sooner or later.”

  Even if I don’t expose you, sooner or later, someone will expose you.” Said Elaine, smiling with narrowed eyes, “Oh, I don’t know much about the law, so I don’t know if this is considered fraud or not? If it is fraud, you are involved in a huge amount of money, so maybe the police will come and arrest you!”

  When Benedict heard this, she was scared out of her wits!

  As she drove all the way here, all she could think about was that her fortune had been cut off and she hated Elaine with a pa*sion, but she had forgotten that after she was exposed, it seemed that her fortune was not just cut off!

  The fact that she had fabricated her own story to deceive the public and concealed her income without filing her tax returns was a big hidden danger!

  Just when Benedict was at a loss for words, a number of law enforcement vehicles, including the police, the tax department and the industry and commerce department, drove into the small area one after another.

  The blue and red lights on the various law enforcement vehicles were flashing, blindingly bright, and scared Benedict so much that she shivered.

  Among them, two police cars stopped in front of Benedict’s Mercedes Benz, and several police officers stepped out of them and came in front of Benedict.

  One of them looked at her and asked in a cold voice, “You are Benedict, right?”

  Benedict looked at the police officer in front of her and asked with a pale face, “I am …… you …… What do you want?”

  The officer said expressionlessly, “According to the situation exposed on the internet, we suspect that you are suspected of fraud and also may be involved in tax evasion, please come back with us to cooperate with the investigation!”

  As soon as she heard that she had to cooperate with the investigation, Benedict knew that she was really going to be finished this time, and said in a panic: “Officer …… I …… didn’t commit fraud… I’m not fraudulent… is there a mistake?”

  The police officer said indifferently: “Whether there is a mistake or not, we will naturally know after the investigation is clear, hurry up and come with us!”

  With that, the officer pointed to the villa in front of him and asked, “Is this your home? Do your husband, your son and your mother-in-law live here? They have to cooperate with us in the investigation too!”

  Benedict was shivering with fear and dared not speak. Elaine, with an excited face on the balcony, pointed to the villa next door and said, “Officer Sergeant, this is my house, not hers, her house is next door! Her husband, her son and her mother-in-law, who you are looking for, all live next door too!”